Are Sexless Marriages Becoming More Common?

by ricksex on October 27, 2011

When you look through the media for articles or references to the topic of sexless marriages it’s quite clear that more and more attention is being given to this issue.

There are more websites that deal with this problem and even forums where people share their pain and their stories of rejection and frustration. Does this signify that more people are living in a sexless marriage. Are sexless marriages becoming more common? Is this spreading?

It’s very difficult to judge with any certainty whether the problem is growing or whether it is simply the fact that this topic is opening up for public scrutiny and to media coverage. I’ve read articles about it on various online magazines and newspapers in recent months and it seems like people are slowly accepting the fact that this is a wider problem and not just something that’s happening to them and that talking about it may actually help.

sexless couple in bedSo far, though, most of the articles I read say little about why this is happening in the first place and why it may be getting more and more common. I would like to suggest a few options:

1. The economy – Money or the lack thereof, doesn’t necessarily influence the libido. What it can do is affect a person’s stress levels. When money is tight, the economy is in bad shape, and people are worried about their job, their payments, their home… stress becomes a major factor.

Stress can affect your libido. It can make you irritable, disrupt your sleep, and cause a variety of other health disorders. Stress kills mood and in today’s economic conditions, it is quite obvious that there is more stress all around us.

2. Long work hours – A few decades ago couples would meet not late in the evening but during the afternoon. Workdays were shorter (and more sane). People had more spare time. A man and a woman could cultivate their relationship like all couples should. Today, people are lucky if they see each other for 2 hours before they head to bed, dead tired. Is it any wonder that people are drifting apart and that the divorce rate is skyrocketing?

3. The prevalence of pornography – The internet has brought many good things to our life, but it has also made pornography more accessible. You can find a wide variety of websites which offer this filth at no charge. The bad news is that men who watch too much pornography may begin to develop an inability to get aroused by their wife. They require a more visual and crude form of stimulation, something that most women are loath to provide and may not even know how.

These are not the only causes of sexless marriages. However, these 3 points may explain why it is becoming more common. The only good thing about that is that the more people who experience a sexless relationship, the more attention it will get, the less shame people will feel, and the more openly can we all work together to figure out a solution for this problem.


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