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–  Mortality rate drops from 35% to 7%There has been a significant decrease in the deaths for babies born at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) directly, as a result of the reinforcement of preventative measures at the hospital.The Neonatal Care Unit at GPHCAccording to information released by the Ministry of Public Health, the administration and doctors of the GPHC have been working closely with the Ministry of Public Health and with advice and support from Canadian-based Charity Organisation, “Guyana Help the Kids” (GHTK), to reduce the number of neonatal deaths at the hospital.The measures which have been reinforced to curb the incidence, include the full sanitization of the maternity block at the hospital, and the closure to some rooms of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as well as special areas,Nike Shox Men Clearance, in order to house and provide care for high risk babies.  Additionally, mothers have been encouraged to remain with their babies to access further neonatal care.Proper infection control and strict guidelines for clean clothing,Cheap Jerseys China, gowns, masks and shoe covers have been reinforced for all personnel. One hundred percent (100%) hand washing with appropriate solutions has also contributed to the significant reduction in the number of neonatal deaths.The Health Ministry has reported that during the past few months,China Jerseys Cheap, the mortality rate had been averaging 35% for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) admissions, but this has dropped to seven percent in the month of November.According to the information,Nike Roshe Run Women, Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton along with technical officers will continue to engage the doctors of the GPHC and the GHTK to ensure the continued decline in the number of neonatal deaths.The Minister applauded Dr. Sara Singh as well as the pediatric physicians,Nike Shox Women Clearance, nurses and other staff of the NICU for championing the reinforcement of these measures with support and guidance from Guyana Help the Kids.Unfortunately, some babies are born very premature or with significant congenital abnormalities, both of which put them at a high risk for death. However, the Ministry of Public  Health in partnership with the GHTK,wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china, will continue to provide training for doctors and nurses as well as upgraded equipment to improve facilities at the GPHC’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, while minimizing the incidence of neonatal deaths.Work is on the way to ensure that the Neonatal Intensive Care Units at the West Demerara Regional Hospital and the New Amsterdam Hospital be fully functional soon.For the year 2010, the Ministry of Health revealed 14,527 births in Guyana, of which 13,265 babies were delivered in hospitals.Half of these babies were delivered in hospitals in Georgetown alone and the remainder at New Amsterdam [2,084], Suddie [889], West Demerara [1,047] and Linden hospitals [580]. There were some home deliveries.In February 2013, the Ministry recorded a 50 per cent drop in the neonatal death rate at GPHC.
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The Diplomatic Corps handed over a new building yesterday to the New Amsterdam Special Needs School in Vryman’s Erven that would greatly ease the growing student population at the institution.Several foreign diplomats, including Suriname’s Ambassador to Guyana and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps,NFL Jerseys Online, Dr. Manorma Soeknandan, Ambassador of Brazil, Luiz Gilberto Andrade, and His Excellency Dario Morandy, Venezuelan Ambassador,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, were present to do the official handing over.Headteacher of the Special Needs School, Ms. Crandon, noted the struggles endured by the institution which caters to the needs of over 100 children from the town. The school was established in 1986 by the Rehabilitation Committee and had been previously housed at the Lion’s Den in the town.As the population increased, so did the need for a new building. However,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, in 1993, the Lion’s Club District 60, along with Future’s Fund embarked on constructing a new building to house the special- needs children. The present building that houses the school was donated by the New Building Society (NBS). It was handed over to the Ministry of Education in 1996 by former President Janet Jagan.Crandon noted that from its inception to the present, the school has made significant strides, including a vibrant feeding programme that caters for the children of the school, a computer lab with combination chairs and six months internet access compliments of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), new toilet facilities, filing cabinets which were all donated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Over the years, several Peace Corps Volunteers were attached to the school to work with students, teachers, parents and guardians. She stated that the children have participated in several events such as Para-Olympic Sports, Rotary day of sports, Symposiums,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Camps, workshops and Children Costume Competition.“As the awareness of disability heightened,NFL Stitched Jerseys, so has the number of children who are being sent to the school and as such, special accommodation decreased.”A promise was therefore made by the Corps during a visit to the school to construct an addition to the existing building. “This project took more than a year to be completed”, she revealed.Ambassador Soeknandan, in her remarks,Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes, said that the project took one year and seventeen days. “The annex is about 1200 square feet and can house four classes in such a way that you can open it (the classrooms) and get two big spaces for classrooms”. She expressed thanks to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) for making many of the construction items used for building, tax exempted and also the Berbice River Bridge Company Limited (BRBCI) for waiving the bridge tolls so that vehicles could transport the items to the school.A child unveils the plaque, assisted by Suriname's Ambassador and overlooked by the Brazilian and Venezuelan AmbassadorsThe project endured several setbacks due to the flooding, since the Vryman’s Erven area is always prone to severe flooding every time it rains. “But finally, we are here and all of us should be happy”, she said. “The children here (in the old building) can move over and have the new part and they can have two separate parts….and proper lighting is very important for school children because it affects their eyes and learning abilities”. “In a classroom like this it is very difficult to attend to each child if one group is hearing what the teacher from the other group is telling her pupils, so if you have the separation, you can have more attention for the children and in the end, the outcome is much better”.Ambassador Soeknandan said that the children who are on the waiting list to attend can now be taken in. There are over 45 children currently on the list to attend the Special Needs School and the new building will greatly assist in that regard.She urged parents who have children in the school “to also get more actively involved in the education of their children which also means getting more involved in the maintenance of the building, because, in the end the child spends more hours in the school than the home.”“This school should be a pleasant place for the child, and the parents, every weekend, can do some weeding and maintenance. It will help the children, and it means that the schools do not have to be dependent on the government”.A plaque was unveiled and the ribbon on the doors to the building was cut after which the keys were handed over to the Principal.
Local passengers who use the public transportation system are consistently complaining about the selfishness portrayed by the routes 41-48 minibus operators who are stationed at the Stabroek Market.One concerned citizen of South Ruimveldt, Georgetown stated that since mini-bus operators were victorious in their battle to increase the transportation fares,, their attitude seems to have worsened.He lamented that when dealing with passengers,Air Max 97, conductors are disrespectful and fearless. He recalled the case of an elderly woman asking a bus driver to lower the volume of the music being played and the operator blatantly refusing to do so.He cited another case when a woman asked both of the operators of the minibus to change the type of music they were playing, since it contained indecent language.His response was “You can’t tell me how fuh play me music, I does play fuh de school children, not yal old people,” the passenger related.This newspaper understands that during the day the bus park is overcrowded with minibuses,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, but in the evening there seems to be a scarcity.Passengers also continue to lament the consistent practice of the operators to overload the buses.One businessman said,Cheap NCAA Jerseys, “They want to pack us four in a seat like sardines …I refuse to be uncomfortable and still have to pay the required amount of money those conductors want me to pay.I objected once and was eventually thrown out of that minibus and told to catch another on a vacant lot which is supposed to be a bus park.” Other passengers related similar experiences to Kaieteur News.“ ‘Dress down deh nah,Wholesale Jerseys Group, Big Man’ is all he coulda tell me, he ain’t even seh please,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, I could be he grandfather. These youths!” one elderly man exclaimed, while relating a recent experience.
Government has dismissed the submissions of Professor Clive Thomas, to the Special Select Committee on the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism as nothing more than a thesis on the subject.This is according to Chairperson of the Committee,Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic, Government’s Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira.She was this past week updating the media on the work of the committee and said that while Government would have been pushing for more meetings the date settled on will be next Wednesday.According to Teixeira at that meeting the members will not be dealing with the actual Bill but will in fact be taking oral presentations from stakeholders including Professor Thomas, Financial Analyst Christopher Ram and the Bankers Association.She noted that all of the stakeholders had made written presentations during the first select committee.Teixeira told media operatives that while Professor Thomas gave a lot of documentation,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, “It is a thesis on money laundering…We are not here to debate money laundering, we are here to deal with the Bill to strengthen Guyana’s capacity to fight money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism.”“A number of organizations wrote us but didn’t make any suggestion on amendments but just made general comments about money laundering,” said Teixeira.Despite the written presentations she said the Opposition insisted that the organizations and persons be invited to address the committee.According to Teixeira, to date “not one amendment has been tabled or submitted or circulated to the committee saying these are the parts of the bill we want to amend.”Teixeira in lamenting the frequency of the meetings noted that there are only two weeks remaining for it to be taken by to the House for a vote and cautioned that more than likely Guyana will be hauled before the International Financial Action Taskforce (FATF) having already missed three deadlines by CFAFT and being blacklisted by that body.Teixeira noted that before the end of the year there could very well be even more amendments to the Bill and added that given the nature of the legislation it will be amended at least once every two years if not more.“As you get into more technology and cyber crime and a whole range of other areas this is a particular Bill that will keep be returning to the House.”Teixeira,Cheap NFL Jerseys, who was elected as Chairperson of the Committee during the break in Parliament on Thursday, told media operatives that the Committee met on Monday last for the first time after the election “and regrettably it seems to be the same ole,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, same ole.”She had opined that there seems to be no urgency on the part of the opposition to address the issues in the Bill.“We have proposed in committee that the media be invited to sit in on the meetings of the committee so that we have observers of the committee, the opposition appears to be very iffy on it and said that they have to go back and get clearance from their mentors,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys,” said Teixeira.“We felt very strongly that because of what happened with the first Bill and the urgency of getting this Bill through because FATF  will be meeting on February 13 and we are quite certain that Guyana will be reviewed, whether we like it or not.”She noted that FATF does not have to wait for CFATF to review Guyana.Teixeira said that Guyana has missed deadlines in May,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, August and November last year, FATF can automatically proceed to review the country on February 13.Teixeira said that in the interest of transparency and accountability Government felt that the presence of the media and the presence of other stakeholders in the committee as observers would allow the story of what transpires to be publicized.“The opposition had deep concerns about the presence of the media.”
By Enid JoaquinSince its establishment in May 1958 the Linden Technical Institute, formerly the Demba Trades School, has remained one of those inexorable fixtures of the landscape of Mackenzie. It continues to be inextricably intertwined with the bauxite industry.And like the industry, the institution also went through a number of name changes, until it was taken over by the Ministry of Education in 1996, when it was renamed the Linden Technical Institute (LTI).Linden Technical InstituteBefore this take over, the school was managed by Demba, Guybau, Guymine and Linmine (the same company despite the name changes) and trained students exclusively for the bauxite company.As such, emphasis was mainly on the mechanical/electrical engineering and automotive skills training of apprentices that the company needed.Later, a programme called instrumentation, and carpentry and joinery were added to the skills training that could be accessed at the Institute.With the takeover by the Ministry, the curriculum became more broad-based. There was the introduction of business related subjects such as computer science, telecommunications, EDPM, and radio and electronics servicing.LTI has two computer laboratories with over three dozen computers,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, but there is still need for more. There is also need for other equipment to improve efficiency in this area.The advent of the business courses has seen a steady increase in the female population at the institution that had once been male dominated.There are more than 250 students enrolled at LTI on a full time basis,Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet, but there are several others who attend part time.The institute also serves as the Linden branch of the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education.False ConceptHector Anthony, a lecturer and past student at LTI, was quick to point out that the popular notion held by people that the ‘Trades school’ is for failures or school dropouts, is false.“It really is a negative perception that is held by people that if you are not so smart or academically inclined then you go to the LTI, because here you don’t have to use your brain,Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys, just your hands.“When you come from the secondary schools with your CXCs it makes it so much easier. As a matter of fact, being the holder of CXC qualifications is one of the entry requirements for the institution.However those who don’t have (CXCs) are given an entrance examination to write, to ascertain their level of academic proficiency.“With that and the skills that they would acquire at LTI would of course make these students more marketable.”Students of LTI are no longer trained solely to satisfy the skills requirement of the bauxite industry,Wholesale Jerseys From China, even though the company still commits to taking more than a dozen apprentices from the institution annually.The others are either absorbed by entities within the community, or seek employment elsewhere.At present the institution is undergoing a massive rehabilitation programme. There is the establishment of a new wing, and the rehabilitation of what is commonly known as the tools room, and the automotive section.D’nelle Boyce, a lecturer in charge of the automotive section, said that the rehabilitation programme is to bring the institute up to speed with requirements for the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ), by providing the right environment and the requisite equipment.At present LTI uses the Guyana Technical Education Examination (GTEE).Three pieces of equipment–two metal lathes and a milling machine, were last year presented to the institution by Government. This necessitated the total overhaul, including the installation of new electrical wiring and rehabilitation of the tools room, to accommodate the machinery.Several pieces of old equipment were subsequently discarded.Over the years students of the trades’ school would have built several components and furniture- both wooden and metal for their practical assignments.The institution’s conference room is testimony to the diverse skills of the students who built it from scratch, did the electrical installation and painting and designed and built the furniture.It is presently a small but integral piece of the infrastructure that the Principal, Mr. Denis Jaikara, proudly shows off.Jaikara said that one of the projections of the institution is to build a showroom, where students’ handiwork could be exhibited.Such a venture, he points out, would enable members of the community and potential customers, to view the students’ handiwork and subsequently place orders.Funds garnered would help the institution become self sufficient, he added.Other projections include the collaboration with other mining entities, outside of the bauxite sector, for the production of certain machinery components, as well as the attachment of apprentices; and partnering with two Canadian colleges where the focus would be on training heavy duty operators in both the operation and maintenance of heavy duty equipment.The latter aspect is expected to greatly enhance training techniques, and by extension the total development of the institution.Not all workThe Linden Technical Institute is however not about all work,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2017, as was recently demonstrated with their float presentation at the annual Mashramani Float parade on February 23 in Georgetown.With the theme “Our Journey, Our Legacy”, the institution showcased in the royal colours of gold and purple, the rich history and proud legacy of the institution.The float consisted of a giant robot in the guise of a transformer,Authentic China NFL Jerseys, which was aimed at depicting the ‘transformative nature’ of LTI to cater to the technological advancement in the various industries.It was also symbolic of the various disciplines offered at the institution, and students’ readiness for the world of work.The costume was designed by a senior lecturer at the institution, Clairemonte Taitt, and built by the students, on the grounds which were converted into a mash camp.Over the years LTI also served as the official “Mash camp’ where costumes were built for the huge contingents that formed the Guymine floats that invaded Georgetown in the early days, after Mashramani was started in Linden.Apart from its skills and academic training, LTI has produced some of the best athletes at both the National and international levels. These athletes constituted a formidable force in the “Guymine Games” in the past.The institution thrives on its legacy of producing many of the best trade and craftsmen and technicians both at home and in the Caribbean.
Proprietor of the TEXACO Vlissengen Road branch, Steven Chung,Cheap Nike Free Run Shoes, told this newspaper that early yesterday morning he missed several calls from an employee and when he eventually did manage to answer,Cheap Jerseys Store, he was greeted with the news that his place of business had been broken into. Chung related that when he arrived at the location,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, the security guard who was on duty brought his attention to a door at the back of the building, which was wrenched open. A grill door,Nike Roshe Run Men, also at the back of the building, was also cut open by the perpetrator(s).There were at least four openings in the inner roof of the building,Cheap Jerseys From China, which were apparently used to enter the mini mart on the premises.The only thing Chung said he was certain of that was missing from the building was the drawer for the cash register. Chung said the drawer had some $15,000 and a man was seen scaling the back fence with a large metal ‘thing’ in his hand.“The security guard said he heard a noise at the back of the building and when he went to the back he saw a man jumping the back fence with what we have confirmed as the drawer for the cash register.He told me he couldn’t run behind the person because he did not want to leave the rest of the place unattended,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys,” Chung explained.The matter has since been reported and investigations are ongoing.
The uncertainties surrounding the future of sustainable commercial fishing in the Caribbean region will be explored today, when the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), in collaboration with the Caricom Secretariat hosts a discussion on ‘Caribbean Fisheries: Sinking or Swimming in Uncertain Waters’.The public discussion, which will take place at the Secretariat,Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys, will draw on expert insight from a number of stakeholders in the local fishing industry.These include Leslie Ramalho of the Guyana Fisheries Advisory Committee,Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Shoes For Women, and consultant Rueben Charles, as well as Milton Haughton,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys 2018, Deputy Executive Director of the CRFM.Issues such as whether there is the shared political will to finalise the Common Fisheries Policy and Regime; whether fishers have enough say in regional fisheries management; whether regional politicians take the fisheries sector seriously; and whether there can be large scale collaboration between regional fishers are among those topics the panelists will tackle.During September last year, the Sea Food Trawlers and Processors’ Association had disputes with the recommended techniques in ensuring the sustainable management of Guyana’s seabob resources.The recommendation by the Caribbean Regional Fishery Network, as well as that of other experts, is that Guyana should reduce the fleet of vessels that is exploiting the commodity while at the same time changing the closing season for harvesting from September to May.Each year during September, no seabob harvesting is allowed in Guyana’s waters.However,Cheap Jerseys China, according to the experts, it would be better to change the harvesting period to May of each year.Chairman of the Sea Food Trawlers and Processors’ Association, Bruce Vieira, had said that while the association was willing to abide by some reduction and some measures to enable the seabob population to remain sustainable, the recommendations by the experts are ‘far too drastic.’ Over the past year measures have been examined to determine how the seabob resources can be managed and utilised in a sustainable manner.The Fisheries Department within the Ministry of Agriculture had examined data, which was provided by the industry.One of the difficulties that the department encountered, however,NFL Jerseys Outlet, was the fact that the information was not accurate enough to make a final verdict on the issue.In Guyana,China Jerseys, there are about 103 vessels that harvest seabob.This industry contributes at least US$5M to Guyana’s Gross Domestic Product each year.
– agreement ignores termination and penalty clauses, time frame for completionAPNU+AFC Prime Ministerial Candidate and Lawyer, Moses NagamootooMost, if not all contracts between Government and any contractor for any national project are supposed to have certain central conditions.The contract must have, at least, the timeframe within which that project must be completed, a termination clause, a penalty clause and comments regarding insurance.But these very fundamental conditions are absent from the recent two-page agreement signed between the current administration and Dax Contracting Services Ltd. on the rehabilitation of the Brazil to Guyana fibre optic cable project.In fact, the contract between the two, sees Faisal ‘Dax’ Mohamed, receiving billions of dollars worth in concessions with Government even making a commitment to provide a financial contribution to the local contractor.It is against this background that lawyers are of the firm opinion that the ‘Dax agreement’ lacks the makings of a legal contract. They went further to state that it is “nothing but another give away, a sweetheart deal and another move in Government’s plans to grab and control the telecommunications sector.”The termination clause describes what will happen if the contract is ended early or defaulted on.It can make the contractor that is responsible for the default or termination pay damages to the other party.As for the penalty clause, this provides a form of punishment,, such as a fine or forfeit if the contractor, for example, fails to fulfill the obligations of the contract.Moses Nagamootoo, one of the lawyers, said that a contract without any penalty clause for the contractor in case he fails to carry out the outlined obligations, is “nothing but a joke.”Another lawyer, who has practised Contract Law for a number of years, said, “The fact that Government failed to take into account the possibility of the contractor not living up to the agreed arrangements, points to the scope of the illegality that they plan to be involved in and as such the contract itself is born out of corrupt intentions.”The lawyer emphasized that penalties are included in contracts to ensure that there is a binding commitment to the tasks being carried out by the contractor in a timely and efficient manner.“So since that is absent, the contractor can take his sweet time. And so we see another contract with all the makings of a giveaway package. It has the corrupt style of the former President, Bharrat Jagdeo all over it.“Agreements normally cite obligations and responsibilities of the contractor and the Dax agreement does not even follow this procedure.“It does not outline specifically, the nature of the works to be completed and the extent of the damage done.“Nothing in that regard is specific except the concessions. This just goes to show the disrespect this government has for the electorate, the people who entrusted them with the responsibility to manage wisely,Wholesale China Jerseys, their resources.“But this represents a spit in their (electorate) faces,” the lawyer expressed.AFC Leader and Attorney-at-Law, Khemraj RamjattanAFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, also expressed similar sentiments, He went further to state that once the APNU+AFC assumes office, the contract will be pulled from Mohamed.Additionally, well known economist, Dr. Clive Thomas, on Saturday last lashed out at the architects of the agreement. He had said that the deal which allows Mohamed some exclusive shares in a state cable is not only disrespectful to the Guyanese people, but highly illegal.He had said, too, that the crafters of the contract should be made to face the court.On March 16, last,Wholesale China Jerseys, Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon on behalf of the government, negotiated with and signed a special agreement with Dax Contracting Services Ltd.Under the agreement, Dax will undertake the repair and maintain the fibre optic cable from Brazil.This contract is for an initial 25 years with an option to renew it for a further 15 years. This gives Dax a total of 40 years of cable rights.Government has also undertaken to provide Mohamed with the necessary support to receive and transmit data by way of the cable after granting the company an operating licence.And for free, Mohamed will be able to use the Government-owned fibre optic cables and structures including, roads, the poles, access to repeater stations and other things.Dax Contracting Services would also be provided with tax exemptions and incentives, including but not limited to tax holidays, remissions,NFL Jerseys China, tax waivers and duty free concessions on equipment, spares,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, tools  and vehicles.The government insists that it will retain possession and use of most of the bandwidth,Cheap NHL Jerseys Adidas, as agreed to between Dax and the government.As the owner of parts of the cable, Mohamed can invite and sign with any company or entity to use them to transmit and receive data and information from any part of the world in the same way that today’s telephone companies operate.To add insult to injury, the government has agreed to pay Dax for specific emergency maintenance.In exchange for the operating licence, Mohamed will accept the risks involved in accepting and using the operating licence even before the telecommunications legislation is passed.This arrangement will insulate the government from any legal challenge from the monopoly holder of the landline service, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T) Company. Should the telephone company pursue legal avenues, it would be Mohamed facing the fire.This same contracting service owned by Mohamed, was one of the five contractors hired to lay the cable from Lethem to Georgetown.When a Kaieteur News reporter contacted Mohamed, he told her, “Hey, hey listen. You can go and f**k youself.”He hung up the phone immediately after.
One month after a Waterloo Street businessman, who reportedly attacked a policeman with a pair of scissors which resulted in him being shot three times in the leg, is yet to have his day in court.Wounded: Phillip SmallForty- eight- year-old Phillip Small of Lot 283 Waterloo Street,Nike Air Max Tn Shoes Women, a father of five said that “the policeman was the one who was wrong” and is thus calling for justice to be served.Small, a motorbike repairman said he is not going to let matter slide, and will be seeking legal consultations since he claimed that the officer’s behaviour was unlawful and unjustified.In an interview with the media on Saturday, Small disputed claims by the police which stated that on February 18 last, he attacked a Tactical Service Unit (TSU) rank with a pair of scissors,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, obstructing the policeman in the execution of his duties.According to Small, he had gone into the “Globe Yard” in Waterloo Street to change some money when the police walked into the location and yelled, “Everybody brace the wall.”Small said he replied to the ranks,NFL Jerseys Outlet, “stop robbing the people,Cheap Authentic NFL Jersey,” and the rank threw a punch at him. He reacted by returning the favour and a scuffle ensued. Small said that it was during the scuffle that the rank pulled out his firearm and shot him three times in the leg.One bullet, he explained went through the leg, while the other two shattered the bone in his upper right thigh.Because of this, Small said he is unable to work and by doctor’s orders, he is to stay off the leg for the next three months. Despite this,Nike Air Max 95 Mens, Small said he has never been contacted by the police. “Dem say I attack them but yet still dem ain’t charge me,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, nothing. Dem ain’t even mek contact with me since then.”The businessman said that the police fabricated a story against him and that is why no contact has been made since the incident.“I plan to tek it far. I deh home in my bed and nobody aint  helping me.  I can’t work and I got to spend a set of money on medicine.”
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Ivor Leacock, the Linden businessman who is ensnarled in a sex probe has been remanded.He appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, at the Georgetown Magistrates Court, yesterday.Leacock,Cheap NFL Jerseys co, who owns an Internet Café,Nike Shox Clearance, is accused of having carnal knowledge of a female under 15 years of age on February 8, at Linden.He was not required to plead to the indictable charge. He was represented by attorney at law James Bond.Kaieteur News understands that the lawyer in a bail application said that his client was framed.However, Police Prosecutor Stephen Telford, opposed bail,Authentic China NFL Jerseys, on the grounds of the seriousness of the charge.Leacock was remanded to prison and is expected to make another court appearance at the Christian-Burg Magistrates Court today.On Wednesday last, police raided the businessman’s home and found the two underage girls.According to reports,Authentic China Jerseys, the incident came to light on Tuesday when an official from a private school observed the two minors entering the businessman’s home.The official immediately contacted the police who visited the suspect’s home and found the girls and the businessman there.One of the girls reportedly fainted after a sexual encounter,cheap jerseys from china, prompting fear in the other.
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