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…says engineer’s estimates just a guidelineBy Gary EleazarHead of State, Bharrat Jagdeo, defended contracts undertaken by government agencies yesterday at a press briefing citing the open tender process.According to Jagdeo,Larry Doby Indians Jersey, media operatives need to be educated on the various tender processes, adding that there are several agencies that Government gets funding from in the form of loans and grants with each of the agencies having their own procurement rules that are different to that of Government.“In some cases you have an open tender and you have a point system…the persons who get the highest points based on technical capacity and the price… they get the contract.”He noted that in other cases it will just go to the lowest prices after that contractor would have been pre-qualified, “in another situation like with the Inter-American Development Bank you have a two-envelope system.”Jagdeo pointed out that this system was in place in the past where, “you only open the envelope for the highest ranked bidder…so the highest ranked bidder on technical terms might have the highest bid in financial terms,Wholesale Jerseys Supply, but you don’t get to open the other bids.”He said that this was the case because that bidder would have been the highest ranked, “and you have to negotiate with them.”He explained that it was only when the negotiations fail then talks will be opened with the next ranked bidder. “Our laws say the lowest evaluated bid.” According to the president, there was a time when the engineer’s estimate were secret and “many of the people could be corrupt…if you have three bidders they have a point system where they would say the closer you get to the engineer’s estimate the highest points you get.”As such, he explained that if one were to know what the engineer’s estimate was,Adidas NHL Jerseys China, then that contractor would have had an advantage over the other contractors, “many of the contractors used to bribe people to get the engineer’s estimate.”The president however noted that to the government, the engineer’s estimate was just a guide,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China, “everyone should know the engineer’s estimate even before the bid, “because what happens is it is the lowest evaluated bid that we go with,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, “so if you know the engineer’s estimate it doesn’t matter to us…it is the lowest evaluated bid through a public competitive process that we go to.”A point to note is that this newspaper has for several weeks now been requesting the engineer estimates for several projects but is yet to receive any of them.“So a man can easily come like Kaieteur News could come and say we will get the pump,” Jagdeo continued.He pointed out that they had defined the specifications of the pump, “and we go out to tender…we go with the lowest price once the people meet the specs(specifications)…so Kaieteur News comes along and says we could have gotten it for $10M cheaper.”The president said that he did not know whether the pump that Kaieteur News managed to source for far less than what was actually spent was to the desired specification.Jagdeo also suggested that if this newspaper could have sourced the pump cheaper then it should have entered a bid of its own, “because we have to operate on bids.”The president noted that soliciting sole sourcing of items was not a transparent process in that it would involve the preferences of the purchaser, “the only transparent system that you have is a public tender.”He said too that there may be some times when the lowest public tender is higher that the actual price but insisted that the public tender process provided against corruption.“Whether we will get ripped off sometimes where we buy because of the tender higher than the actual prices are, or the tenderer makes a huge profit, there may be circumstances where this happens…I can’t put my head on the line for every contractor in this country or every Government Officer…I can’t put my head on the block for anyone.”The president reiterated there is a public tender tendering process, unlike in the time of the PNC where according to Jagdeo, the Auditor General failed to probe contracts.As it relates to the insinuation that the corps of contractors may have been inflating prices, the President did not group them in his answer, but said that it would be unwise for a single contractor to inflate the price in their bid,Carlton Fisk White Sox Jersey, given that it would not be in their best interest as the lowest evaluated bid is used.
The Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) has commended the decision by the Coalition Government to postpone passage of the Anti-Terrorism Bill in one Parliamentary sitting.  The GHRA said that while calls for further consultation are welcome,NFL Jerseys Supply, the GHRA’s primary concern is the absence of assessment by agencies familiar with such legislation worldwide, particularly the UN.A further troubling issue is how consultation is understood by government agencies.“The fact that none of the GHRA recommendations was accepted in the Anti-Terrorism consultation would have been defensible if there were evidence of amendments from elsewhere having improved the original draft.“In the absence of such evidence,Joe Carter Indians Jersey, an explanation of what ‘consultation’ means for the Attorney-General’s Chambers in particular would be helpful.”The GHRA noted that the early months of the new Government saw a blizzard of consultations: civic bodies such as the GHRA were hard-pressed to do justice to the many requests for input to these processes which often involved trekking out to the Arthur Chung Convention Centre.“In some cases these activities became building-blocks for more constructive relations between civil society and Government,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, reflected in superior policy-making outcomes.  In others,Joe McKnight College Jersey, they appear to have been little more than symbolic gestures to international funders, without strengthening relations between civic and public sector agencies.”The length of time the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act has been shunted on and off the Parliamentary agenda in recent years offers more justification for completing all remaining stages in one session.Nonetheless, the Coalition Government needs to dispel any suggestion that Parliament is an inconvenient process. Efforts to curtail the Parliamentary budget debate are still fresh in peoples’ memory.  What  comes across as short-circuiting democracy may in fact be more accurately ascribed to  poor planning, in which side-lining  consultation becomes the quickest route to make up for lost time.On a more positive note, the GHRA welcomes the amendment of the term “beneficial ownership” in Section 2 (1) of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act. Transparency campaigns are being waged worldwide to legally enforce a requirement that the real names of natural persons who own or benefit from businesses be made available to the public.“Too often,Sale NFL Jerseys, real ownership is veiled behind anonymous names, encouraging widespread financial criminality. The new definition will require all persons to be named,Chris Paul College Jersey, who through their exercise of significant ownership and control of companies are major beneficiaries.“Equally significant in the interests of transparency, is the amendment to Section 15(4) (c) of the new Act which extends the beneficial ownership requirement to business partners when establishing a business relationship.”
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– Canal residentsThere is a need for more operators and training is on going – Agriculture Minister (By Mondale Smith)After six months downtime,Russell Westbrook UCLA Jersey, a new $78.2M pump was commissioned at the Stanleytown pump station on July 3 to assist in the draining of the seven miles long #2 Canal.Noting Minister Robert Persaud’s invitation for public monitoring of drainage and irrigation projects, villagers along the Canal Number Two Public Road have expressed concern that while there is a guard there is no permanent pump attendant at the Stanleytown facility.Recently, residents and farmers in the area have chided the authorities for not having a permanent pump attendant at the station which they said resulted in waters flooding their farm lands and destroying some of their cash crops. One of several cash crop farmers who reside along the Canal #2 walking through waters that he said came as a result of the pump not being turned on and the koker being closed. He estimates his losses of cash crop at close to $200,000. Addressing the issue,Cheap Jerseys China, the Minister stated that there is a general vacancy for pump attendants but he noted that training is ongoing to fill the present void.Persaud said that his ministry is also looking to the communities for personnel to be trained so that they can stand in as operators.Explaining the shortage, Minister Persaud said,Bob Feller Indians Jersey, “We’ve been firing and removing people so often that sometimes the CEO himself has to go and turn on pumps because people don’t turn up on time,Rusney Castillo Red Sox Jersey, hence pumps are not put on timely.”Amongst those recently fired was the attendant who manned the Stanleytown Pump station.As was the case with the De Willem Koker, residents found the amount paid for the construction of the pump station and the installation of the pump laughable since it is rarely turned on. Questioning the validity of the multi-million-dollar facility, they do not believe that they have gotten value for money.One resident told this publication “me house three times bigger than this thing and it nuh reach $6m to build.” He also noted that while the pump might cost a couple of million dollars “it can’t be so much…this $78m price really shock me so much that I got to laugh at the man who pay out the money and the man who oversee the work.”Offering a reason for the pump not being turned on often, Minister Persaud said engagements are underway to remove the squatters on the Stanleytown reserve since they are impeding the flow of waters to the pump.All of the residents spoken to by this publication said they are willing to vacate the land once they are given lands elsewhere. Some said they were issued notice to remove in 14 days by the NDC while others did not get any notice to do so.Meanwhile,Cheap NFL Jerseys, according to the authorities in a July 3 statement, monthly works have been contracted out to clear Canals One and Two at a cost of $750,Ricky Vaughn Indians Jersey,000 each.Kaieteur News recently visited the area and found that at least two miles of drainage works were completed and a dragline was parked on the reserve.When questioned about the last time such works were executed on the canal, residents revealed that this was about three years ago.In high praises for the ongoing project, residents along the roadway expressed the hope that the drain clearing could be a monthly exercise to alleviate flooding.Sources close to the project told this publication that they had no choice but to halt the works because of the waters that had backed up in the canal due to the koker being closed and the pump not being turned on.
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Custom carbon copy forms will always produce the best image you want. The spread from the fungus infection is a bit more common between girls in comparison with guys due to progressing charm business as well as makeup products pertaining to nails; this really is absolutely no factor because of not getting seasoned concerning. Don’t try to be too mysterious or put up a front, being transparent on a MLM forums pays in a big wayYou will find that if people think you are only there to make money,Federico Bonazzoli Jersey UK, then they will shun you and avoid doing business with you.Aromatic Herbs and OilsLavender is usually that a popular get with calming and soothing elements and aspect is always advisable as well as for it is certainly plausible with sleeping difficulties. If an individual faced sever road accident due to reckless driving,Adem Ljajic Inter Milan Jersey UK, he then will appoint an experienced Reckless Driving Lawyer Fairfax Virginia. I especially delight in staying up to date on womens shoes,Diego Lopez AC Milan Jersey UK, and big brands are not all that essential to me. You need to think of MLM forums marketing like every other kind of marketing method if you want good results. It can be noticed as a beat of wits that anti spyware plans are successful. It is no doubt that people would very much want to be indoors than being burned by the hot sun without any shades.Do not be tempted to branch out into unfamiliar territories just because you are seeing indicators of growth.Know your tax requirements.Article From Article Directory DatabasePujols Sues Clark Over Steroid Accusations   RealGM WiretapAlbert Pujols has sued Jack Clark over comments made on a local radio show accusing him of using steroids.
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As part of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of bauxite mining in Guyana,Joe McKnight College Jersey, two mainThe Demba notebook.activities will culminate the 2016 observation next Friday at the site of that Arch at the junction of Casaurina Drive.According to Chief Executive Officer of Linmine Secretariat and member of the planning committee Emmet Alves,Nike Rams #99 Aaron Donald Royal Blue Alternate Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey, the unveiling of the arch will be done by President David Granger. Alves noted that the launching of the Centennial Magazine will also be launched.Alves said the Arch depicts the Bauxite Companies that mined in the Region. “The arch depicts the companies beginning with Allan,Jose Ramirez Indians Jersey, Demerara Bauxite Company (DEMBA), Guyana Bauxite Company (Guybau),Joe Kelly Red Sox Jersey, Guyana Mining Enterprise (Guymine),Authentic Jerseys Cheap, Linden Mining Enterprise (Linmine),Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping, Reynolds and Bernice Mining Enterprise (Bermine) at Kwakwani in the Berbice River and Rusal.”The arch was donated by BOSAI to the tune of $20M, was built by a Surinamese Company and installed by a local contractor Mr. Brian Mc Rae.
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A symposium in commemoration of Child Protection Week 2008 has focused on child abuse in all its forms. The forum was held at the Conference Room of the National Library yesterday.Child Protection Week has been observed in Guyana since 2004, and this year the theme is ‘Every Citizen a Child Protector.’Child Protection week began on Sunday. The symposium was just one of the many activities planned in commemoration of Child Protection Week 2008, and featured a panel discussion and an open discussion on various topics concerning child protection.During the panel discussion, there were a number of speakers who presented topics of concern as relates to child protection in Guyana.Among these presenters was the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Representative Doris Roos, who spoke at length on the responsibility everyone has to protect children.She said that the theme for the year was fitting. Every child, she went on, has the right to be protected,Jason Kipnis Indians Jersey, and every adult has the responsibility to protect children.She added that there was need to focus on prevention of abuse rather than on intervention. “Prevention is better than cure.”The responsibility to protect children was not to be singularly handled by the Ministry of Human Services, or by the police or by members of the public, according to Roos. “It requires a joint effort by all parties involved.”She said that she was dismayed that abuse had reached such a state in Guyana, where it was so commonly accepted that persons often smile about it, and accept it.She added that this needs to change and she encouraged people to speak out against child abuse.“Many persons are very aware of cases of abuse, but they say and do nothing. Abuse is not simply restricted to physical or sexual abuse.”She highlighted emotional abuse, which she said was oftentimes ignored. “Emotional abuse is also a very severe form of abuse, and can scar a person for life,” explained Roos.Coordinator for the Child Protection Unit,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, Ann Greene, cited numerous cases of abuse— children have been abused by their parents,Wade Boggs Red Sox Jersey, relatives, teachers, and caregivers.As she recounted some of the horrific stories, she made it clear that children were vulnerable and needed adults for protection.She also urged people to speak out when they discover cases of abuse. Reporting a case of abuse is not enough, but reports needed to be repeated and repeated until some sort of action was taken,Kevin Love College Jersey, Ms Greene said.“These reports can make such a phenomenal difference in the life of the child being abused,Brandon Phillips Reds Jersey,” Greene said.Coordinator of the Schools’ Welfare Service (SWS) Banmattie Ram spoke of abuse in terms of truancy, and children being kept at home to work instead of being sent to school.She made the comparison of poverty versus poverty of the mind. Poverty of the mind is the result of making children work instead of going to school,2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey, said Ram.Corporal punishment in schools was also highlighted as a form of abuse and Ram encouraged teachers to use methods of class control which were taught in the Cyril Potter Teacher Training College.She also noted the various truancy campaigns the SWS had going on, that would round up children who skulk.Attorney-at-Law Marcella Thompson’s presentation dealt with child abuse and the law. She highlighted that persons need to understand that there was really only so much that the law could do, so people need to start adopting the attitude of ‘what else can I do?’“Child abuse continues to be an intolerable ill in society,” explained Thompson. She noted that when cases of child abuse were taken to the courts, many a time the child was intimidated by the atmosphere of the court, and for that reason would not speak.The ‘Stamp it Out’ efforts being made by Minister of Human Service Priya Manickchand and by the Human Service Ministry represented steps in the right direction, admitted Thompson, but she said that there was still a lot more that needs to be done.
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With the rapid spike in suicide-related deaths in Guyana recently, several agencies including, governmental and non-governmental entities have taken a stance, as they have embarked on a mission to curb the situation.Mrs. Sita Nagamootoo flanked by students of the Central High School at the suicide awareness session.Religious entities have also begun to play a part in combating this issue as several walks,Brian Cushing College Jersey, seminars, outreaches and even call-in services have been set in motion to bring about public awareness and comfort to the grieving.On Monday last, the Schools’ Welfare Unit of the Department of Education, Georgetown, held its first series of Suicide Awareness Sessions at the Central High School.Under the theme,NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap, “Choose Life-Say No to Suicide!,” students and teachers listened to presentations from Mrs. Sita Nagamootoo, wife of the Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo; Pastor Eworth Williams,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Motivational Speaker; Mrs. Glenna Vyphius, Chief Schools Welfare Officer; Dr. Latchmin, Professional Counsellor and Mr. Kirk Jardine.Ziya Rambarran, student of St. Rose’s High School, also performed a beautiful dance which sent a strong message to “Stop Suicide.”Mrs. Nagamootoo highlighted some of the causes of suicide such as stress, abuse, drug addiction, pressures at school and hurt from broken relationships. She further elaborated that love is very important in a person’s life.Meanwhile, Pastor Eworth Williams told the students that they have a purpose in life and on the road to accomplishing their purpose they might encounter a few challenges/obstacles.However, he added that they should never give up; they need to persevere in order to accomplish that which God would have created them to accomplish. He implored the students to keep their eyes on the prize and remain focused to achieve their goals.Additionally,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Mrs. Vyphius in her discourse indicated the importance of making the right choices and the fact that suicide is not the answer.Kirk Jardine popularly known as ‘Chow Pow’, shared his personal battle with stress. He told the children that due to life’s challenges and difficulties he started abusing drugs at 8 years old. He continued by sharing that as a result of his addiction, he attempted suicide.He further explained that at age 31, he entered rehabilitation and after interacting with counsellors,Jerseys From China, he realized that his life was spared because he had a purpose.Dr. Latchmin shared how chemical imbalances in the brain can drive someone to committing suicide. She added that it is necessary to have positive thoughts since it will contribute to a positive outlook on life.The session was chaired by Ms. Onika Pearson, Senior Schools Welfare Officer, who shared some ways to cope with suicidal thoughts and addressed misconceptions about suicide.The session ended with teachers, students and all present, singing the famous song “Lean on Me” as a reminder that there are persons available to call on in time of need.Sessions continue on February 19, at 9:00hrs,Brandon Phillips Reds Jersey, at the Brickdam Secondary School followed by another session on February 22, 8:30hrs at the St. Stanislaus College and the final session, February 26, at 9:00hrs at the Cummingslodge Secondary School, East Bank Demerara.
Rohee lef de Slave House good,Paul Konerko White Sox Jersey, good,Roberto Perez Indians Jersey, good and go home. Normally he does stop fuh tek a drink all about de place like a typical rumee. Dem boys stay suh too. Dem does tek dem li’l quarter at all dem rum shop.Rohee go straight home this day because he feel feverish. Dem boys didn’t want to talk de story but now dem got to talk. De Bar Rat wha don’t go in rum shop fix Rohee.He does go to Palm Court wheh dem does plan everything.  That is de new meeting house. Dem boys want know why he don’t carry dem kavakamites at he house.De Rat did want de General Secretary wuk. He try to cut a deal before he lef office. He tell Donald that he gun mek him president but Donald got to mek him General Secretary. Knowing Donald,Trevor Story Rockies Jersey, anything at that stage is yes, wid a firm look. That is how Donald tell him ‘yes.’Donald,Andy Pettitte Astros Jersey, like a typical con man,Joe Maddon Cubs Jersey, tun president and gie de Rat piece of he own medicine, not dem wha Barbie does mek. Donald hold on pun de General Secretary wuk too.De biting, bickering and barking start and continue till do de day of Congress. Up to then de Rat think that he gun get de General Secretary wuk. Up to de morning of de Congress dem boys hear de conversation between Donald and De Rat because dem was talking hard.Inside de Congress Dem boys seh when de Donald was to nominate de Rat fuh de GS wuk,Ronnie Lott College Jersey, he nominate Rohee and nobody ain’t seh a word. Was total silence.Dem boys seh that de Rat get up and spit through de window and is from that minute Rohee start fuh feel sick.Dem boys like Rohee and dem got a nice piece of advice fuh him—get somebody fuh taste you food because you know who you dealing wid.You sickness ain’t natural and a lot of people know wha dem do you.Talk half and pray may de good Lord put he hand pun him to get rid of wha de Rat throw pun he.
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A ‘Globe Yard’ resident was jailed Wednesday for three years after he pleaded guilty to the charge of Possession of Narcotics for the Purpose of Trafficking.Shafeek Khan appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court,Sale NFL Jerseys, where he was told that coupled with his sentence; he will also pay a fine of $10,Victor Martinez Tigers Jersey,000 for being in possession of two grams of cocaine.On January 11,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Khan was apprehended at Waterloo Street,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, Georgetown by plain-clothes policemen who were on foot patrol when they noticed him behaving in what was described as a suspicious manner.Police Prosecutor Sergeant Vishnu Hunt told the court that the ranks had received information and went into ‘Globe Yard’ on the said street when they noticed several persons sitting under a shed.They conducted a search and Khan was found with a bottle in his hand which contained creamish rock-like substances which they suspected to be cocaine.Sergeant Vishnu Hunt told the court that the man was told of the offence,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, cautioned and arrested. The substance was then weighed and confirmed to be cocaine. It amounted to two grams.
The country’s water provider,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, GWI, wants an overhaul of its tariff structure that could put $1.7 billion more its coffers, but its new Chief Executive Shaik Baksh was found wanting when called to explain why, recently.The new tariff structure aims to ensure that all water consumers pay their fair share and would help to dig the utility out of the financial pit it is in. The new tariff structure, which creates new categories of billing, does not necessarily mean that consumers will pay more for water; in some cases consumers may actually end up paying less.GWI CEO Shaik Baksh at the PUC hearing Friday.The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has to approve the new tariffs and met with Baksh and other senior executives of the board yesterday asking them to justify the need for the new tariff structure. But Baksh was forced to return to his office without a clear indication that the new tariff structure would be approved.Baksh and his team are expected to return with the answers to outstanding questions from the PUC.After the hearing, Baksh refused to answer questions from Kaieteur News regarding the financial state of the entity.He could not definitely say how many consumers the utility has and admitted, after prompting by PUC Chair Justice Prem Persaud that the database is in a mess.Baksh said that the utility has 184,000 consumers, but was later forced into admission that that figured seemed exorbitant.“We have to clean up the database,” Baksh stated. Justice Persaud said that it was unfair to the public that the utility cannot get its information correct.With regard to unmetered customers in hinterland areas such as Mabaruma, Port Kaituma, Matthews Ridge,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Mahdia, Lethem and Ituni, GWI said that “due to economic reasons” it would not be practical to bill customers through the general system of billing, which means that there will be some level of cross-subsidization by customers on the coastland.Justice Persaud wanted to know the amount of money that is used in running the water systems in these areas,Cheap Jerseys From China, so it could be known how much consumers on the coast are subsiding hinterland operations.Baksh attempted to gloss over the question,Trevor Story Rockies Jersey, saying that the operational costs of GWI does not make a distinction between hinterland costs and coastland costs.Justice Persaud insisted that consumers, some of whom are struggling “to pay through their nose”, should know how much it costs to produce water in the hinterland and how much it costs on the coast.Stumped on the response of Justice Persaud, Baksh was told by the chairman of GWI, Ramesh Dookhoo, that expenses are in fact isolated, and Baksh then undertook to provide the information to the Commission.GWI is asking for approval of a consolidated tariff regime that allows for the establishment of a definitive methodology for categorizing customers; differentiation between treated and non-treated water;  billing of unmetered customers at a rate that is closer to the costs of their average consumption; rates for the various Tariff Bands for the supply of Water; approve the Rates for the various Tariff Bands for Sewerage Services; the introduction of ‘Security Deposit’ for new subscribers and customers who would have had their services disconnected for non-payment;  and ancillary service charges, such as a penalty if meters are damaged.For this year,Wholesale Jerseys China, GWI is projecting loss at $3.4 billion. If the new tariff structure is approved, GWI could halve the amount of its losses.Currently, operating costs amount to $2.5 billion, and its fuel bill is another $2.4 billion.Electricity charges, which account for more than 60 per cent of GWI operating costs, burn up the revenue collected by the utility. Baksh said that GWI is attempting to cut the electricity bill,Matsuzake Daisuke Red Sox Jersey, by, among other things, resizing pumps. He told the Commission that current monthly savings from these energy saving initiatives add up to $12 million.The utility is seeking consideration from the PUC for the introduction of an automatic review of the water rates based on changes in electricity rates.The proposed formula for such increase is annual cost of electricity divided by total costs multiplied by the percentage of the increase in fuel/electricity. This will be applicable in the absence of a direct Tariff increase approved by the PUC once there is increase in Electricity Tariffs.Baksh is contending that GWI is looking to make metering more attractive to customers. According to GWI, more than half of the water it sends out through the pipes is not paid for.The CEO said that expanding metering is the surest way to ensure that everyone who uses water pays, and pays the fair amount.Baksh said that the utility is attempting to make metering “attractive” to consumers. Currently, only 40 per cent of customers have a meter from which their water usage is charged.According to GWI’s strategic plan, 95 per cent of customers should have meters by the end of 2016. If that happens, the project is that GWI would be able to meet all of its costs with revenues that are collected through the metering system.
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