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West Bank Demerara taxi driver Dharmendra Harpashad is convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that a security guard played a part in him being robbed of cash he had just withdrawn from the Vreed-en-Hoop branch of a leading local bank.Harpashad was relieved of $1.5M mere minutes after he had left the bank, around midday yesterday,Brandon Phillips Reds Jersey, in what he described as a “well executed scheme”.He said that the actions of the security guard following the robbery strongly suggest that he had acted in collusion with the perpetrators, and he is appealing to the administration of the bank to take stern action, since according to him, this was the fourth time in a couple of weeks that a similar heist has been pulled off.The distraught taxi driver told this newspaper that while he was packing the cash into a bag at the cashier counter,Cheap Jerseys From China, he had observed the security guard and another man, who was on a cellular phone staring at him intently.At the time his suspicions were not aroused, since he had confidence in the bank’s security and never expected to be robbed in the manner he eventually was.Soon after leaving the bank, he placed the cash into his car, which was parked in the bank’s compound, and then drove to the nearby Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling.Within seconds of arriving there, Harpashad observed that his rear left wheel was flat.It was while attending to the wheel that someone walked up to his car and snatched the bag with the cash,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, his bank card and other documents and ran away.Immediately, Harpashad’s mind flashed back to the bank’s security guard and the man on the cellular phone.“They were looking at me as I was packing the money, and the man was on his cellular phone,” he recalled.The taxi driver also believes that his wheel was deliberately sabotaged while the car was parked in the bank’s compound.A livid Harpashad returned to the bank and vehemently accused the security guard of colluding with the perpetrator.“I created a scene,Joe Morgan Reds Jersey, and if you see the security guard,Andrew Miller Indians Jersey, he was trembling, and you could see the guilt on his face. The keys he had in his hands almost fell out,” Harpashad told Kaieteur News.He said that while the staff of the bank had him waiting for a long time to acknowledge his report of what happened, the manager was very pleasant towards him.“It was my children’s money. They save twenty,Carlos Gonzalez Rockies Jersey, twenty dollars every day. And these people go and take it,” he stated.The matter was reported to the police at Vreed-en-Hoop and an investigation has been launched. Harpashad said that despite the incident he will still do business with the bank.

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