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The Guyanese Cultural Network of Tampa Bay, Florida,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, decided to come to the aid of Two Miles Primary School,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Bartica recently.The group is headed by Wayne Forde and comprises people from various parts of Guyana,Cheap Nike Shox Shoes, among them Mark and Donette Wyatt who are from Bartica.Mr Leon Greaves hands over one of the back packs to a school childEach year,cheap jerseys authentic, the organization would identify a school in some part of the country for donations. This year the school was the one in Bartica.The donations were presented by Leon Greaves,Nike Jerseys Wholesale Store, a former policeman who served in Bartica Police Traffic department for a number of years in the 1970s.Mr Greaves said that his daughter, a member of the Tampa Bay group,Cheap NFL Jerseys, was responsible for mobilizing and posting the items for the school children.Headmistress Bernadette Williams was very thankful for the donation of back packs that contained books and writing material for the school children.Aiding in the distribution was Regional Chairman Holbert Knights.
Even as uncertainty looms over the return of lead Counsel of the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry,NFL Jerseys From China, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon yesterday declared that the staff of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) is seemingly in a state ofLate WPA Co-founder,NHL Jerseys China, Dr. Walter Rodneyreadiness to resume hearings on Monday.Harmon made the assessment, yesterday, after a visit to the High Court in Georgetown where the COI sessions are facilitated. According to a missive disseminated yesterday, the Minister told the staff, “It seems to me that you seem quite ready to resume the hearings and I trust that when the Commissioners come in (today) that they will find you as ready as they have always found you.”Harmon wants the Commission to be able to wrap up its work within the time period set by President David Granger. He said, “They must be able to conclude their work, and report.”The Commission of Inquiry (COI) being conducted to determine the cause of former Leader of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), Dr. Walter Rodney’s death, is strapped with a November deadline for completion.What has caused concern, however, is the imposed deadline for the Commission to conclude hearing closing submissions from lawyers by next Tuesday (July 28). Of concern, is the fact that the contract for lead Counsel, Glenn Hanoman, has not yet been renewed. The contract expired in April, last, after the last sitting of the COI.Hanoman would have led several witnesses through their testimonies and come Monday, the day set for lawyers to begin making submissions, he will not be in a state of readiness. Further, Hanoman indicated he is not inclined to appear at the sitting on Monday in the absence of a renewed contract between him and the government.Hanoman said that he has not for the past months been contacted or consulted on the affairs of the Commission,Cheap NFL Shop, in spite of numerous attempts on his behalf to reach out to the relevant authorities.He said yesterday afternoon, that he was contacted by the Administrator for the Rodney COI, Hugh Denbow, who assured him of a renewed contract. “The trouble is, I am still waiting on a contract. I am willing to continue to participate but proper procedure must be followed.”He said, too, that the deadlines have been fixed without any consultations being held with him. According to the Attorney, the submissions should be the last thing done and there are witnesses who have not concluded their testimonies, while at least four key figures that should be allowed to testify before the inquiry could be considered complete.“I must say that I am a bit disappointed that I am not being spoken to. I was the lead Counsel for the Commission but there has been no consultation since. While I am willing to continue, I do not intend to turn up without a contract from the powers that be,” the renowned lawyer divulged.“You can’t have no contract and expect submissions to be made. It (the contract renewal) should have been done long ago,” he said adding that the contracts have in the past been awarded to him on a three-month basis.“As a lawyer,, I cannot appear and face the risk of someone telling me that I have no standing authority; that I do not have locus standi to appear as Counsel for the Commission,” he said. Having led the majority of the witnesses in the inquiry, it is unclear what would happen when the Commission continues on Monday.Meanwhile,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, as he engaged members of the media after a People’s National Congress (PNC) public meeting, State Minister, Joseph Harmon said that the contract was not terminated to his knowledge.“The Commission of Inquiry will wind up after this last sitting. The bulk of what has to be done will be submissions to be made by the Attorneys for the various parties and the reporting Commissioner.”Harmon said they “Will be dealing with a few persons who need to tidy up some issues that arose.” Though he did not speak directly about Hanoman, Minister Harmon added that the persons who will be retained are those recommended by the Administrator of the Commission.“If Mr. Hanoman is not a part of that arrangement, I cannot say. If he has not been renewed that is a decision that has to be made in the Commission by the organizers of the commission. The state has provided all of the resources needed by the Commission for them to do their work,” he said.On Monday, the tenth session of the COI will be for “Wrapping up of submissions,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, and the Attorneys who had actually been presenting these submissions have been identified”.Harmon has said that in some cases they will bring their work together so that the time for submissions would not be too lengthy.Rodney, a political activist was killed when a bomb exploded in the car in which he was sitting. Dr. Rodney, 38 at the time of his death, was an eminent political leader engaged in a struggle against authoritarian rule for democracy and social justice.The inquiry was set up after years of questions and speculation as to what led to Dr. Rodney’s death. Thus far, the inquiry has seen many travelling from far and wide to offer their testimony into the incident which occurred over three decades ago.It was initially scheduled to last four months, following its commencement in April last year. Subsequently the People’s Progressive Party/Civic-led administration had extended the inquiry’s life on several occasions.Since the death of the WPA co-founder and political stalwart on June 13, 1980, fingers have been pointed in the direction of the People’s National Congress (PNC), one of the parties in the current ruling coalition, a Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC).Since its ascension to office, the coalition has stated its intention to bring the curtain down on the inquiry, citing that it has been costing Guyanese millions of dollars and was being used as a political tool as it has been accepting hearsay evidence.
The Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) yesterday unveiled the winning entries in its Logo and Motto competition as part of the board’s 100th anniversary celebrations.Vikash Bhawani captured the first prize of $30,000 while Sameer Khan walked away with the second price — $20,000 along with a trophy.Bhawani and Khan were the winners in the Under-18 category. Sunil Seupaul and Joe Daniels won the first and second place prizes respectively in the over-18 age group category. In the motto competition, Angelique Williams’s winning entry was ‘Rice, our history,NFL Jerseys Outlet, our life.’Speaking at the unveiling ceremony yesterday in the Ministry of Agriculture Boardroom,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, General Manager of GRDB, Jagnarine Singh,Nike Air Max 2018 Mens Shoes, said that a number of other activities are planned to celebrate the anniversary.“We are also planning to have a rice conference in November…We are already a far way in planning that activity. The conference will be hosted at the Conference Center.”A Centennial Rice Magazine,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Rice Production Handbook, and a documentary on rice production are among the items that would be launched.The weekend before the conference,Cheap Jerseys USA, GRDB will be hosting a joint venture with the private sector called ‘Rice Fest’ at the National Stadium.Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, who was also present at the simply ceremony, said that the idea of the competition is to have young people involved in what is considered as a ‘national celebration.’He said that rice and sugar have defined Guyanese as a nation.“The rice industry directly impacts the livelihood of thousands of our people and Guyana is emerging as a significant and leading player in the global rice industry. That we are marking the 100th anniversary is a very historic occasion.”Minister Persaud pointed that the rice industry in recent years has been making some ‘positive strides’,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, having had some setbacks.“Certainly we will use this 100th anniversary to assess where we are and to determine where we need to go in terms of making it a more competitive sector as well as to look at the other opportunities and challenges along the way so that we can successfully survive in this regard.”During the anniversary celebrations, GRDB will also be honouring persons that made significant contributions in the rice industry. (Tusika Martin)
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An Inspector of the Guyana Police Force is currently under close arrest after he shot and wounded a man while acting as an enforcer for a businessman.The inspector, who is attached to the Tactical Services Unit,Cheap Jerseys Store, was contracted by the businessman to track down one of his former employees who had reportedly embezzled a sum of money from him.Police in a press release stated that investigations are being conducted into a matter which occurred at about 18:35 hours on Tuesday at No. 2 Village,Cheap Sittched Jerseys China, East Canje,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Berbice.The police stated that an Inspector of Police whose services were unlawfully secured by a businessman, went in search of a former employee.According to the police, the Inspector who was in plainclothes at the time located the former employee,  Yadram Rooney,Wholesale Jerseys, 30, of Broad and Ketley Streets,Cheap Air Jordan Shoes, Charlestown, Georgetown, at No. 2 Village and during efforts to arrest Rooney,cheap jerseys, he shot and injured the man in the region of left arm pit after he was allegedly attacked with a piece of wood.A source in Berbice told Kaieteur News that the inspector had travelled with the businessman to Berbice from East Coast Demerara and located Rooney, who tried to run away upon seeing the men.However he was shot and subsequently taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he was admitted a patient.The source said that Commander of the Berbice Division, Assistant Commissioner Steve Merai, ordered the seizure of the Inspector’s weapon and placed him under close arrest.Investigations into the matter continue.
It has been approximately one week now since the National Milling Company (NAMILCO) announced a 17 percent reduction in the price of flour, but the consuming public is yet to feel the effects of this reduction on bread prices.During a recent meeting with Commerce Minister,Wholesale China Jerseys, Manniram Prashad,, bakers had said that they would need some time to work out the percentage at which they would reduce bread, and other related flour products.However,NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, to date that percentage has not been announced, and consumers are still paying the same price for bread. Kaieteur News understands that since the meeting, Minister Prashad has not received any information from the bakers as to whether a percentage figure has been arrived at or when consumers will be able to feel the benefits of the reduced price.The bakers had promised that the price for bread and other flour related products would be reduced within a week, since they buy flour in bulk and as such, it would not be fair to reduce the price for flour products instantly,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, as it would result in some bakers not being able to make a profit.Chief Executive Officer of Bakewell, Naeem Nazir had told Kaieteur News that there are a lot of logistical changes that has to be made following the reduction in the price for the commodity.He could not say at what price bread at his entity would be sold, as “there are a lot of calculations involved”. He had, however, assured that the price would be reduced.Minister Prashad had claimed that before the end of last week, an announcement would have been made on the price for bread, but thus far, this has not happened.Efforts made to contact the Minister yesterday for a comment on the matter proved futile.Meanwhile,Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit 2017, at the meeting last week with the Minister, bakers had made it clear to Minister Prashad that the end of last week was too early to make such an announcement, as they had in their possession ‘bulk stocks,’ bought before the reduction.They were, however, unable to say how long the bulk stocks would last.On Tuesday last, NAMILCO announced that the price for flour would be reduced by an overall 17 percent on 45 kg bags, and consequential reduction in packets.The reason for the reduction was due to the reduced price for wheat on the international market.It was explained that the decreased percentage is calculated using the increased prices as at May 5th, 2008, versus the new prices, which means that most bakers would benefit from a $1,280 reduction per bag of flour.Consumers are also benefiting from a reduction of $20 per kg on Thunderbolt packet flour. The wholesale price for a bag of Thunderbolt flour will now be $6,175 while the retail price will be $6,220.Earlier in the year the prices were $7,390 and $7,Wholesale NFL Jerseys,500 respectively.Currently, a 1 kg packet of Thunderbolt flour has decreased from $185 to $165.
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Acting Police Commissioner Henry Greene has expressed concerns over allegations of persons being contracted to kill others.The top cop has since launched investigations into such allegations.This follows a two-hour meeting with Mark Benschop,Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit Womens, who has alleged that he was informed that persons were contracted to kill him.According to an article that appeared on Benschop’s website,, the community activist, who was once charged for treason, has learnt of a plot to kill him but has chosen not to report the matter to the police, since he believes that the force cannot be trusted.Benschop alleges that a man went to his Robb Street office and informed him that money has been paid to have him killed.In a press release issued last evening, the police said that, cognizant of an article in the print media on Friday, which stated that community activist Mark Benschop had said that a man had gone to his office and informed him that money had been paid to kill him, and that he had chosen not to report the matter to the police, the acting Commissioner of Police, Mr. Henry Greene, has since met with Mark Benschop.The police said that Benschop related his concerns for his own safety, based on the reports he had received that persons had been contracted to take his life.The police say that efforts are also being made to locate trade unionist Lincoln Lewis,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, who has said publicly that he was fearful for his life,NCAA Basketball Jerseys, after attempts were made by persons to enter his home, and who appears to have gone into hiding.Lewis has also expressed his reluctance to report the matter to the police.In an invited comment late last night, Benschop told this newspaper that, despite his meeting with the top cop, he is still concerned about the negative public perception of the police and the Commissioner himself.According to Benschop,Cheap Nike Air Force One Shoes, he is unwilling to name the ‘drug lords’ who are allegedly involved in the plot to kill him.However,China Jerseys NFL, he indicated that he has disclosed the names of these persons to other law enforcement agencies outside of Guyana.“As such, I have expressed to the Commissioner of Police my disappointment about how the police force handles these matters. I also expressed to him that there are still some contract killings in Guyana,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys,” Benschop told this newspaper.He said that the threat to his life is something that he is taking very seriously.“This is no publicity stunt. I have all the publicity I want to last for a lifetime. I don’t need this kind of publicity,” Benschop said.He indicated that he believes that the Police Commissioner has acknowledged that the threat is real.“He has to take a position on these phantom killers. Rein them in! I also spoke about rogue cops who are also a part of the phantom killers,” he added.Benschop said that his meeting with the commissioner was as a result of a request by the top cop, and, as such, he used the opportunity to let Greene know about his concerns.Last week veteran trades unionist Lincoln Lewis had expressed similar sentiments about trusting the Guyana Police Force, following allegations that his home was visited by unknown characters, forcing him to flee to safety.
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To her sons she is a gem- precious, beautiful, inspiring; so whenever you hear the name Gem Solomon,  know that that is no misnomer but very apt for one of Linden’s hardest working moms.On Saturday evening last Gem’s commitment to her work paid off when she was rewarded with a trophy and token,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2016, for designing the best gown for the Miss Linden Town Week PageantGem said it was long overdue, as she had been designing and sewing clothes forever, but her name was hardly ever mentioned at the events where her pieces were exhibited.“It felt really good you know, to see that people recognize my work,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic,” she confessed.Coming two days before Mothers’ Day made the award even more meaningful.But Gem Solomon is no stranger to the world of fashion, having started working with fabrics from the tender age of 13 years old.At the time she was living with her extended family at Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara, and learnt the trade from her aunt who was a prolific seamstress.“Sometimes when she went out, I took the bits and pieces and tried to put something together for myself or for one of my nieces. I would do that until I learnt to sew really well.”Gem Solomon and her son SharmaHowever, Gem would only launch out as a full-fledged seamstress after she migrated to Linden.She would also meet her husband there and gave birth to two sons Quincy and Quacy.Quacy, who is well known in Linden as Sharma Solomon is currently Chairman of Region Ten.Gem said she always knew that Sharma would grow to be a leader as he was always correcting people, including his elder brother and her.“He was never shy about expressing himself, especially if he felt that something was wrong with the manner in which it was put over, and you can’t beat him in an argument.”Quincy,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the elder of the Solomon siblings would qualify as a school teacher and later migrate to the US.Gem Solomon is justifiably proud of her sons’ achievements.She reminisces fondly that the two boys practically grew up on the market, where she operated a grocery stall.“I used to cook and everything on that market, and they used to come and eat and do their homework right there. We would do everything there,Cheap Jerseys From China, until it was time to go home in the evenings.”Later Gem would start sewing clothes in the market,NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, and after a while she would stop selling groceries, because she loved the sewing more, and was very much in demand.Gem admits she didn’t have to sew, because her husband was also a well-established businessman in the market, but it was something she loved, and she also loved the fact that she was earning her own money.She even confesses that as a teen she had enrolled at the Demba Trade School where she learnt to be a mechanic, but never took the time to practice that trade because of her commitment to her sewing.MotherhoodMothering her two boys was easy, she said, as they were very “obedient boys.”“I never had any problems with them, however,Discount Nike Air Force One Shoes, the one thing that stands out in my mind was when they told me they didn’t want to go to the church we had been attending, because it was a ‘woman church’; that was the Unity Church. I did not argue with them and so they started to go to their own church.”Gem credits her children’s development to her unwavering faith in them and her continuous support.She is very proud of them she says. That sentiment is likewise reciprocated.Her son Sharma describes her thus, “My mother is very beautiful, and inspiring and creative. I remember as a child she was always telling us stories of life in the country and so on. We were inspired by those stories. She is also very hardworking. I get a lot of inspiration from her.”Looking back, he was only reiterating what he had acknowledged during his swearing in as Regional Chairman.Today Gem Solomon is justly happy to have brought up two sons who are responsible and respected young men, with a lot of potential.Her only regret is not having had the opportunity to have her own little girl to display her beautiful children’s clothes.She is however blessed with three beautiful granddaughters. (Enid Joaquin)
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A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is calling on Government to launch a National Flood Control Master Plan to offer protection to the populace from the “ravages” of repeated flooding.APNU, through its leader David Granger,China Jerseys Free Shipping, expressed that 2013 was a year in which significant flooding occurred during every month and the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) administration seems unable or unprepared “to implement measures,Cheap NFL Jerseys, to identify the causes,Cheap Jerseys League, notify the populace and to mitigate the impact of this recurrent hazard.”The party expressed that the effects of the flooding have incurred immeasurable losses to the populace with respect to damage to their homes, household goods, equipment as well as destruction of farms and livestock within the domestic and agricultural sectors.APNU noted that throughout last year almost no areas were spared from inundation.Granger highlighted that villages on the East and West Coast of Demerara,Nike Roshe Run Sale Outlet, the Essequibo Coast,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Georgetown and in the Cuyuni- Mazaruni,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Rupununi and Pomeroon- Supenaam Regions were all affected.He added that these floods came in the aftermath of “Great Flood” of 2006, which the PPP/C never conducted an investigation into. According to Granger the destruction that occurred from the 2006 flood cannot be ignored. APNU made reference to a study done by the Development Bank from 1988 to 2006 which highlighted that the “floods affected 965,000 persons and resulted in more than US$663M in economic damage. The ‘Great Flood’ reportedly affected 25 per cent of the national population and caused economic losses equivalent to 60 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for that year.”Granger articulated that since the “Great flood,” instead of utilizing Guyana’s resources towards mitigating further floods and putting in place the needed infrastructure to protect the country “the administration has been on a spending spree. It has squandered billions on world cup cricket, the Caribbean Festival of the Arts (Carifesta), a five-star hotel and other prestige projects.”According to Granger the damaging effects and frequent occurrence of flooding in Guyana demand more serious attention from government. He said that the PPP/C administration must comprehend the consequences of climate change like everyone else throughout the world is doing and implement a National Flood Control Master Plan.The proposed Plan according to the Opposition Leader must protect lives and “be capable of anticipating the monthly cycle of flooding and of notifying citizens early of the onset of extreme weather and the threat of flooding. The Plan must strengthen disaster risk management agencies and maintain sea defence and flood protection infrastructure.”
Trash / Darwin Jones Jersey 117104_all_
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Afterwards,Jonathan Stewart Jersey, you must take the form to your local police department so you can have your fingerprints taken. You need to be prepared with proper gear that keeps you safe and fit inside the pool to perform at your level best and emerge a winner in the swimming competition. Coal crusher is a type crusher of ore crushing equipments used for crushing coal. This means that if you are after accurate and up-to-date police reports and criminal accounts,Tim Lelito Jersey, the DOJ is definitely the appropriate agency to visit.Just kidding, you need to get very lean to have a distinct six pack, diet and genetics play a huge role here.If the students are able to learn and understand the dangers of using drugs, they can try to refrain from using them. The bottom line is that the harder you work the faster your heart beats,Nickell Robey Jersey, the more calories you burn or the fitter you get (depending on the reason for your exercising). Le SFR sont maintenant avoir 21 au nombre incroyable de clients limitées aux clients mobiles et 5 millions pour le service Internet à large bande tout autour de la ville.The essential oil distilled from common Sage leaves is also used in the healing of scars, particularly old or unsightly scars. So it would be a good deal to hire a long distance moving company instead of shifting whole thing themselves.) To Gain Leads – Some ThoughtsJune 16, 2012Author: DuncanTerryGarnathyPosted in Computers Just about all on line organizations can be helped by search-engine marketing. Profitable returns are actually going down rapidly and promoting and marketing outlays seem to be growing.
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