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Wholesale China Jerseys yudhulsk
« on: October 12, 2017, 12:55:07 pm »
Chairman of Region Four, Clement Corlette has dismissed allegations made by PPP councillor Kwame McCoy, who had accused Corlette of chasing a NCN cameraman out of a Regional Democratic Council (RDC) meeting on Tuesday last.When contacted yesterday, Corlette told Kaieteur News he never chased the cameraman out of the meeting, as he explained that McCoy turned up 30 minutes late for the meeting, and 10 minutes later, he saw the cameraman and requested from him his name and which organisation he was from.However, according to Corlette, the young man refused to answer him, and as such, he politely asked him to leave the meeting as he was informed by his information officer that the press was not invited.McCoy had told members of the media at a press conference on Tuesday that the press is usually present at RDC meetings, but Corlette said that this is not so, as media personnel were not present in January for RDC meetings. McCoy had said that when the cameraman was asked to leave the meeting, the councillors suggested that they should vote on whether or not the press should be present at the meeting, but that Corlette bluntly refused.However, the Regional Chairman noted that this is far from the truth as he explained that before the matter could be put on the floor, McCoy got up and ordered the PPP councillors to leave the meeting.Corlette did admit saying that he is the Chairman of the meeting, and thus he should preside over the issue, as it states so in the Constitution.He noted that when the media is present at these RDC meetings, it is then that McCoy behaves at his worst.McCoy had told members of the media that the PPP councillors are disgusted and frustrated with the continuous dictatorial behaviour of the Regional Chairman.According to McCoy, Corlette’s behaviour suppresses press freedom, something which he stressed the PPP strongly supports.“Corlette’s decision today goes way beyond our belief of freedom of the press as a party that has fought all these years for freedom and civil unities in Guyana,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, and particularly freedom of the press. We do not believe that we could have sat here and continue to have Corlette dictate,” McCoy had said.He added that the RDC continues to be an unproductive engagement because of the actions of the Chairman.“The officers of this region continue to have a concern about Corlette’s attempt to usurp the functions of office of the region. He wants to be involved in all aspects of the regional affairs, including the things he is not responsible for… he interferes with the administration on a daily basis, frustrates the work of the region and therefore we end up being a very petty forum.”(Fareeza Haniff)

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Wholesale China Jerseys yudhulsk
« on: October 12, 2017, 12:55:07 pm »