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Cheap Jerseys USA UNASUR
« on: September 13, 2017, 10:39:10 am »
PARAMARIBO, Suriname (Caribbean News Now) – Following the visit of the secretary-general of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Iyad Ameen Madani, and his delegation to both Suriname and Guyana last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Suriname has reported that the OIC is willing to finance the construction of a bridge across the Corentyne River at the eastern frontier between Guyana and Suriname. This is being done in an effort to enhance regional economic and physical integration.This type of project falls under the rubric and vision of the Arab League and South American group, UNASUR, which meets at the heads of government level every three years. Such a project would support and promote regional integration and economic development,cheap jerseys from china, which Madani termed “a triangular relationship between the OIC, Guyana and Suriname”.The OIC will also work with UNASUR in this effort.According to the Foreign Minister of Suriname, Niermala Badrising,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, who had several meetings with Madani while he was in Suriname, the OIC and its financial arm,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is in favour of the execution of major infrastructure projects in South America.One of these projects that can finally be realised, according to Badrising,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, is the bridging of the Corentyne River between Guyana and Suriname.Badrising, who has been working closely with the OIC and the IsDB,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, said in a statement that a bridge over the Corentyne River linking the two countries “could become a reality if the countries involved are in agreement and if the project is feasible. It is one of the opportunities that we have to utilise OIC funds,Wholesale Jerseys, and the project will complement UNASUR’s regional integration vision.”The previous government in Guyana had agreed to partner with Suriname to seek finance from China to bridge the Corentyne River. However, there has since been no movement on the project. It is not known if the project was discussed when Madani met the foreign minister of Guyana, Carl Greenidge, in Georgetown.For Guyana to tap into the benefits of OIC and IsDB membership, the relationship must mature to become one of trust and understanding. In Paramaribo, Madani, in a meeting with the press, stated categorically, “We are not a religious organisation, and the OIC hails Suriname as an example of a multicultural country where different ethnicities and religions peacefully coexist.”Madani stressed that the OIC is not interested in the internal affairs of Suriname; it is not looking to cause conflicts in Suriname or in the region.”Suriname and Guyana’s membership in the group should be used to its fullest so as to contribute to regional integration and economic development,” he emphasised.Madani said that he is happy that Suriname is active in the OIC, unlike other countries who are not seizing the opportunities. Guyana is not an active member of the OIC and there are conflicting narratives as to the reason behind it.Meanwhile, President Desi Bouterse on Friday defended Suriname’s relationship with the OIC and the IsDB. He urged Suriname to take full advantage of the US$1.8 billion soft loan from the Bank. He warned that there are forces acting against these developments and Suriname’s cooperation with the OIC and IsDB in his government’s effort to stabilise the economy of the country.Developing countries have long complained that the IMF is an institution willing to provide cash when they face economy calamity; however, the austerity measures the IMF imposes has no human face. It forces governments to cut back on vital socio-economic and welfare programs such as food, healthcare and education.

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Cheap Jerseys USA UNASUR
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