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Jerseys Cheap NFL If he murders someone does he walk free
« on: September 13, 2017, 11:44:55 am »
By Ralph SeeramI do not think that I have been writing long enough in this newspaper for readers to recognize my style of writing, but apparently readers do, because despite the fact that my name was omitted from my last article I received some comments from readers who knew it was my writing.That article, of course, dealt with the possibility that the PPP could lose the next election.To be fair, one also has to look at the possibility that the PPP will win the next elections. As a matter of fact,Cheap Jerseys NFL China, most of the people I spoke with feel that it is a done deal, the PPP will win.The question that bothers me is if the PPP wins the next election, where would the PNC go from there? This question arose because of certain statements made by Basil Williams, Vice Chairman and Member of the Central Executive Committee of the People’s National Congress.Mr. Williams as you may know is campaigning to be the PNC Presidential candidate for the next election. He is now in the U.S. whipping up support for his candidacy.At a Town Hall style meeting in Orlando, Florida, Mr. Williams called for “Shared Governance” in the next Government. What worries me is what he said if the PPP does not agree to a “Shared Governance”.In the Diaspora I try to keep up with events in Guyana. I read the various newspapers, visit Guyana , keep in touch with friends,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and sometimes you feel that you really know what’s going on, that’s is until I read an article by Dave Martins some time age, where he stated that to know what’s going on in Guyana you have to live in Guyana.For me if Dave Martins says it is so then it is so.Never the less, you try never to miss an opportunity to hear the views of politicians when they visit the Diaspora. You learn.According to Mr. Williams, President Jagdeo has immunity for any crime he may have committed, that is why the President does not answer questions about misuse of taxpayer’s funds. A President “above the law”?Who are the idiots that put such a law in the Constitution? To answer my own question, obviously it is the same people who want to be President.Basil Williams said that if he becomes President,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he will remove the immunity for the President and make the office more transparent and accountable. I am wondering if this immunity only holds while the President is in office. In other words can he be prosecuted when he leaves office for offences he may have committed while in office?This law has me very confused if it is true. If a sitting President in office rapes a minor am I to understand he cannot be brought to justice? If he murders someone does he walk free? Is this blanket immunity? Can somebody help me here; can some of the legal constitutional minds in Guyana email me on this one?Coming back to Mr. Williams’s theme of “shared governance”,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he feels that the best way for Guyana to remove racial animosity and move forward is for the PPP to share power with the opposition. He cited Kenya and a few African countries that have shared governance, which came about only after thousands of supporters for the government and opposition lost their lives.Guyana, he pointed out, should not wait for this to happen. He feels that there is a real possibility that this could happen in Guyana. Well as I recalled, that did happen in Guyana in the mid sixties. Those old enough would remember the burning, rioting, looting and killings that were committed by both Indo and Afro Guyanese.I did not mention this to raise “old wounds” but to emphasize that the racial divide was alive and well during the years of PNC rule,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, but they never saw the necessity for “shared governance”.Why is it so important now for the PNC? Is it because the party feels that it cannot win an election and that could be a “back door” to get back in Government?In reply to a question from me Mr. Williams made it very clear that if the PNC wins the election and he should become President, he would immediately call on the PPP to have “shared governance”.However it’s what he said in the eventually that the PPP wins the election that is worrisome. He declared that the PNC has been “holding the peace”; that some people have accused the PNC of being soft.He feels the every party should “share in the pie”,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, power sharing if you may, and if the PPP does not “share the pie” well there are elements who may not want to “hold the peace”.Basil Williams made it very clear that he is for peace and does not advocate violence, but inferred that there may be others who may not share his view. He did not say whether those “elements” are within or outside the PNC.Translated, it means that if the PPP does not share power, we could be back to rioting, burning, looting and maybe killing. What other conclusion can you come to if the “PNC stops holding the peace?”Again I want to emphasize that Basil Williams said that he is an advocate for peace.Having all the political parties sharing power is a lofty ideal, but a good one in my view. Is the PPP willing to share power? Ironically it was the PNC that endorsed the present system in an effort to beat the PPP, the idea being that with racial voting the PPP cannot win under the Proportional Representation system.The PPP has been winning elections since 1992, and while some may not want to accept this, the PPP has been getting cross over votes; it has to cross the racial divide to win elections.I would want to believe that if the PPP feels that they have already crossed the racial barriers, it may not be inclined to share Mr. Williams’s view of “shared governance”. I don’t think any of the potential PPP Presidential candidates will even want to go there.Finally, if as the opposition claims that many in the PPP” have their hands in the cookie jar” I cringe when I think how many more “hands will be in the cookie jar” under a “shared governance”For comments Ralph Seeram can be reached at email [email protected]

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Jerseys Cheap NFL If he murders someone does he walk free
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