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One out of two young people who start and continue to smoke will be killed by tobacco related illnesses, said Head of the Adolescent Health and Wellness Department of the Ministry of Health, Dr Marcia Paltoo.Dr Paltoo’s disclosure came during her address to a gathering of students and education officials at a recent activity to mark the observance of Education month.Dr Marcia PaltooShe was at the time attempting to highlight the fact that health is a very important aspect of education even as she noted that worldwide, five percent of all deaths of young people between the ages of 15 and 29 is attributable to alcohol use.Another additional area of concern to be addressed as a result,Alan Page Vikings Throwback Jersey, Dr Paltoo said, includes worm infestations. According to the doctor, globally, worm infestation is the greatest cause of diseases among five to 14 year old children. Iodine deficiency on the other hand is the single most common preventable cause of mental retardation and brain damage in children, she added.She articulated further that varying forms of injuries are the leading cause of death and disability among school aged children.In some countries, up to 60 percent of all new Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus (HIV) infections occur among 15 to 24 year olds,Atlanta Falcons Throwback Jersey, Dr Paltoo disclosed. “If you are ill you miss school. So you need to do several things to maintain good health and build good habits now,” Dr Paltoo encouraged.She related that exercising every day is one important way for young people to keep healthy as is eating foods from the five food groups. She also disclosed that it is important that they know their body mass index, quit smoking if they have started, and as far as possible refrain from using alcohol as it could become a fatal habit.It is for this reason, the World Health Organisation through its Global School Initiative which was launched in 1995,Dale Murphy Braves Throwback Jersey, seeks to mobilise, strengthen school health promotion and education activities at the local, national, regional and global levels,Dallas Cowboys Throwback Jersey, according to Dr Paltoo.The initiative, she said,Dennis Smith Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey, is designed to improve the health of students, school personnel, families and other members of the communities through schools.Through its recent launch of the Policy Document on School Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS, the Ministry of Education is seeking to achieve such goals with the collaboration of partnering agencies.“Many of today’s and tomorrow’s leading causes of death, disease and disabilities such as heart disease, cancer, chronic lung diseases, depression, violent, substance abuse, injuries, nutrition deficiencies,Jim Brown Browns Throwback Jersey, HIV and worm infections can be significantly reduced by preventing inter-related categories of behaviour that are initiated during the school years.These include tobacco use, behaviours that result in injuries and violence, alcohol and substance abuse, dietary and hygienic practices that cause disease, failure to exercise, and sexual behaviours that cause unintended pregnancy and diseases.”Through its recently launched Policy Document, it is believed that the Ministry of Education is well geared to disseminate requisite information to all institutions of learning to channel the desired health path for young people.According to Chief Planning Officer within the Education Ministry,Emmitt Smith Cowboys Throwback Jersey, Ms Evelyn Hamilton,Baltimore Orioles Throwback Jersey, over the last few years the Ministry has clearly recognised the need to deal with the whole child.And this, she said, is required, given the fact that health,Cris Carter Vikings Throwback Jersey, socio-economic circumstances and environment of learners all affect the ability to make effective use of the educational opportunities that are provided.Accordingly, she related that the Ministry in its new strategic plan sought to address all of the outlined issues and has even more particularly sought to integrate health related issues within the education sector.It has been observed that health plays a vital role in the overall development of children and their capacity to learn. For this reason, she disclosed that the Ministry has accelerated its response to the evident needs by focusing its attention on a range of issues relating to school health, nutrition and HIV/AIDS.“Noteworthy examples can be highlighted including that in 2005, the Ministry of Education implemented a massive HIV/AIDS programme in the sector which was aimed at increasing the awareness levels as well as reducing stigma and discrimination. Today, as a means of ensuring sustainability in such campaigns, HIV/AIDS along with issues pertaining to drug abuse, sexuality and hygiene are addressed in a comprehensive way via the Health and Family Life Education Programme,” Hamilton disclosed.According to her, strong leadership and support by the Ministers of Education and other officials contributed towards the progress that has been made to date.
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Depressed community, Angoy’s Avenue, last week benefitted from a cash donation that was made by the New Building Society Ltd of New Amsterdam to assist in completing their playfield.Senior Manager of the Society,Atlanta Falcons Throwback Jersey, Anil Beharry,John Havlicek Celtics Throwback Jersey, had urged the members of that playfield’s management committee to focus on youth involvement in sports,Jay Novacek Cowboys Throwback Jersey, so as to help keep them off the streets and at the same time produce better individuals in the community.Residents of Plaisance on the East Coast of Demerara also demonstrated that they valued their community ground when they fought against great odds to swerve the Government’s endeavours to construct a transmission tower on the facility.The transmission tower was part of the e-governance programme to facilitate the linking of government’s fibre-optic cable to enable internet access.Project Manager of the programme,Colts Throwback Jersey, Alexei Ramotar, had indicated that the tower would have supplied the community with wireless service, since Plaisance would have been one of the hotspots for the programme. However,Deion Sanders Cowboys Throwback Jersey, the Plaisance society was not swayed from their protest to have the tower erected elsewhere. The residents vowed to ensure that their only place of recreation was not taken away.Despite the royal runaround by the Government at the expense of the residents, their protest bore fruit when a decision was made to take the construction of the tower to an alternative site.Like many other community grounds, the one in Plaisance is famous for school sports, cricket and football competitions,Dick Butkus Bears Throwback Jersey, and community fairs among other activities.Currently, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (MCYS) is extending to communities the opportunity to enhance their facilities under the community ground enhancement 2013 project.Under this venture,Babe Ruth Braves Throwback Jersey, the respective management committees are invited to submit applications for their ground to be repaired and upgraded.In order for the application to be valid,Gale Sayers Bears Throwback Jersey, the committee must endorse the application. In addition, the request for repairs must be approved by the respective Neighbourhood Democratic Councils as well as the Regional Democratic Councils.  Further, a recognized contractor must be identified. This contractor will take charge of the operations, once recommended by the Management Committee.Lastly,Deion Sanders Falcons Throwback Jersey, an estimate to cover the repairs and upgrades must be submitted along with the request. The work estimated should not exceed $1Million. All requests must be submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport on or before June 1.
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In order to ensure that students are able to reach their full potential, the Ministry of Education has introduced a Basic Competency Certificate Programme (BCCP),MLB Throwback Jerseys, which is being offered at the secondary level.And according to Minister within the Education Ministry, Dr Desrey Fox, for too long edification of students has only been viewed from the traditional standpoint of academic subjects.“We have for too long looked on the side of traditional education that would educate our children to either further their studies up to university level and beyond and that is it.We have not focused on our children and groups of adults who are interested and have talents in other ways. In this sense I am talking about Technical and Vocational education,Shannon Sharpe Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey,” the Minister said.She pointed out that in the 21st century the world has moved on and has changed a lot, adding that because of the globalisation process there seems to be all sorts of impacts and influences that relate to the education of people.She said that in 2000 at the Dakar Education forum, more than 174 Governments made special commitments to be able to look again and to review their curriculum as it relates to education for all.“This means that no one must be left behind as it relates to children,Celtics Throwback Jersey, adults,Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey, those with special needs, vulnerable children, and indigenous people…”The Minister said, “We have to have a holistic approach to education.”This approach to education,Kurt Warner Cardinals Throwback Jersey, the Minister added,Shaquille O Neal Cavaliers Throwback Jersey, is in fact a paradigm shift in Guyana and has caused the Ministry to look at specific skills based on certain kinds of programmes for students.She further revealed that there has been much debate about what skills should be prioritised, adding that as it relates to policy,Jim Rice Red Sox Throwback Jersey, the government through the Ministry of Education has been able to address the curriculum in schools.“Because we want to be able to give our students the option as it relates to academia and as it relates to technical/vocational education, we are ensuring that every child must be given the opportunity to reach their full potential as it relates to their education.”She said that the BCCP was created to have an alternative pathway that could benefit students.She noted that often is the case that parents become nervous when their children opt for technical programmes because of the traditional notion that only children who cannot perform well academically venture in such fields.“If we are to think of inclusive education then the whole argument about technical/vocational education which suggests that only students who cannot make it in academia do those programmes cannot be true,Boston Bruins Throwback Jersey,” the Minister posited.She further said that the intent of the Ministry is to ensure that every child,Deion Sanders Cowboys Throwback Jersey, whether in academia or otherwise, must be able to access the same kind of education.
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– House Speaker June 10,Throwback Jerseys, 2016 will mark the first year of the Eleventh Parliament,Tony Dorsett Cowboys Throwback Jersey, and House Speaker  Dr. Barton Scotland considered Wednesday last as an appropriate time to share his thoughts with Members of Parliament.House Speaker,Anthony Munoz Bengals Throwback Jersey,Dr. Barton ScotlandThe Speaker asserted that the proceedings thus far have left one to wonder whether satisfactory use is being made of the House.“It is therefore my intention that at the appropriate time, we enter consultations regarding the frequency of our meetings in this House and in the Committees.”During the months of March and April, Dr. Scotland informed the House that two events were held to enhance the capabilities of the parliamentary staff so that they can improve the discharge of their duties. As an aside, he noted that the first steps were taken to establish the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association,Bob Uecker Braves Throwback Jersey, Guyana branch.The House Speaker also spoke about the system of committee meetings. He said that with very few exceptions,Jimmie Foxx Red Sox Throwback Jersey, both attendance at and meetings of a number of committees have not so far met expectations.The Speaker said, “Much to my regret, I have been unable so far to provide the House with information on the work programmes of the various committees. It remains my hope that members would see their contributions to these committees as being obligatory.”In the interim, Dr. Scotland said that there have been a number of complaints about breaches of privileges by Members of Parliament. He thanked the members for their vigilance and promised to examine all such complaints.He noted too that there were complaints about the behaviour of some parliamentarians. Dr. Scotland in this regard,Bill Lee Red Sox Throwback Jersey, said that the dignity and respect for the House and the office of the Speaker must be upheld by all members at all times,Tom Jackson Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey, even when he rules against their expectations.He said that when a junior member decides to make disparaging statements in social media about the House,John Elway Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey, the office of the Speaker, and/or other members of the National Assembly, then it suggests that the individual is not aware of his duties or is acting recklessly.The Speaker stated that such acts of disrespect give cause for great concern.“I have determined, too,Detroit Lions Throwback Jersey, that no further action will be taken on this matter since the posts have since been removed and I deem the matter closed.”
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By Rehanna RamsayThere is always a story within a story,Packers Throwback Jersey, and in the case of new attorney, Phillip Damien Da Silva that idiom certainly proves true.Da silva, the son of prominent ophthalmologist and businessman, Dr. Philip Da Silva Sr. and Mrs. Barbara Da Silva,Mike Singletary Bears Throwback Jersey, was admitted to the bar on Friday, before Justice Brassington Reynolds and a gathering of delighted family and friends.While being accepted to the bar to practice law is no simple feat, what is remarkable about this new attorney is the fact that he faced a fierce battle with a life threatening disease while pursuing his lifelong dream and prevailed.Speaking exclusively with this newspaper about his journey to the legal fraternity,Cincinnati Bengals Throwback Jersey, Da Silva,Deion Sanders Cowboys Throwback Jersey, who spent his elementary years at Mae’s under 12 school and later completed his secondary schooling at Queen’s College, revealed that he had actually started out on the career path of a physician.The new lawyer explained that he had begun his premedical studies at University of Guyana, before switching to law.“As I was doing medicine I actually took a few courses in law and found it quite interesting,” he recalled.   It was that interest; the attorney said, that resulted in his change of career paths.Hence, he pursued and completed his Bachelor of Laws Degree, (LLB) at UG; before embarking on his studies at the Hugh Wooding Law School (HWLS) St. Augustine Campus,Daryl Johnston Cowboys Throwback Jersey, Trinidad and Tobago.Da Silva said that his studies at HWLS were going quite well until he started to experience some strange symptoms.He recalled that he paid several visits to the doctor’s office in Trinidad but it was not until he returned home to Guyana that he was diagnosed with cancer.Flanked by family and friends from left to right: Dr Shannon Da Silva, Mrs Barbara Da Silva,Walter Payton Bears Throwback Jersey, Attorney–at-Law, Ronald Burchsmith, Justice Brassington Reynolds, Attorney-at-law Phillip Damien Da Silva, Naketa Da Silva, and Dr Phillip Da Silva.Attorney–at-law,Buffalo Bills Throwback Jersey, Phillip Da SilvaThe attorney said that the doctors told him that a tumor was located in his nasal cavity.The news was obviously shocking to Da Silva and his close family circle.  But he said that he leaned towards his faith and family for support during the difficult time.Looking back, the young lawyer emphasised that it was his faith and family that keep him going; elements he believes are essential to survival of anyone facing similar challenges. He said that he had to try his utmost to stay positive and to focus on the things that were going well in his life.Given his diagnosis, Da Silva had to defer his studies to accommodate chemotherapy and radiology treatment.After a while undergoing the treatment, the then aspiring lawyer became cancer free.He therefore returned to HWLS and completed his Legal Certificate Education.During, his acceptance speech on Friday, the lawyer recounted his experience.“I am humbled and privileged to stand before the court as the newest member of the legal fraternity. I have experienced much to arrive in the space I am blessed to occupy today.”“I must admit that along the way, I questioned whether this dream would become a reality, particularly when the dream became a nightmare when I was diagnosed with cancer while attending Law School.“I was able to successfully complete both my legal studies and cancer treatment as evidenced by my presence here today.”“Through my experiences,Len Dawson Chiefs Throwback Jersey, both personal and academic, I have learnt that God will always push me forward,Dikembe Mutombo Nuggets Throwback Jersey, teach me, and remind me of what I already know.”The young attorney particularly thanked his father, Philip DaSilva and mother, Barbara DaSilva for their unconditional love and support.“For all that you have given me; it is time to start giving back to you. The best start is to say thank you.”He also expressed gratitude to his sisters, Natalie, Shannon and his wife, Naketa, for their undying love and support.Da Silva also thanked Attorney-at-Law Ronald Burch-Smith for presenting his petition to the Court.Justice Reynolds admonished the young attorney to continue studying to achieve higher heights in the field.“Don’t take the short cuts….Your family name Da Silva is a household name after serving the Guyanese public with excellence for a number of years,” Justice Reynolds remarked.
An autopsy yesterday on the body of businessman,Jim Palmer Orioles Throwback Jersey, Fazal Hoosein, revealed that he died from drowning, indicating that he was bound and tossed into the Corentyne River while still alive.However,Len Dawson Chiefs Throwback Jersey, an official said that because the remains were in an advanced state of decomposition,Thurman Thomas Bills Throwback Jersey, the pathologist was unable to detect other possible marks of violence.On Friday, police stated that they had detained three people in connection with Hoosein’s murder.The official also said that Suriname investigators had detained a speedboat captain.It is unclear whether they are still in custody.Hoosein was buried yesterday according to Muslim rites.The businessman and nine other passengers,Walter Payton Bears Throwback Jersey, were returning from Suriname at around 17:45 hrs on Wednesday,Jim McMahon Bears Throwback Jersey, when five masked gunmen overpowered them.The men then forced Hoosein to accompany them,Phil Esposito Bruins Throwback Jersey, after relieving the other passengers of their mobile phones.Hoosein’s body,Atlanta Braves Throwback Jersey, bound hand and foot,Chuck Foreman Vikings Throwback Jersey, was found the following day about four miles east of the Number 78 foreshore,William Perry Bears Throwback Jersey, which is also a short distance from the Suriname foreshoreSources close to the slain man said that the gunmen made off with millions of dollars that Hoosein had in his possession.Kaieteur News was told that the businessman travelled regularly to Suriname to sell gold.
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Book: Runaway Comeback by Sandra A. Ottey Critic: Dr Glenville AshbyTopical, nerve wrenching and instructive. Runaway Comeback is an existential odyssey, no less. It’s cemented by a compelling plot that traverses the Atlantic. From Jamaica to New York and back. Selfishness and deception, parry with dignity and self-sacrifice.Here, domestic violence is raw and maddening. Misogyny reaches new heights, but is interestingly overshadowed by an immigrant’s worst nightmare of being socially hamstrung,Carl Yastrzemski Red Sox Throwback Jersey, undocumented and weaving tales of deception to outwit the system. And amid the turmoil, there is also genuine love and displays of selflessness.The book cover of Runaway ComebackYes, Ottey covers all bases. But is that enough to pull off an artistic triumph? Rosie, the protagonist, is pummeled and deceived by her husband, her youthful ambitions dismantled ever so slowly and bloodily. She makes a daring escape to the US, her young daughter in tow, a daughter who is unable to cope with a new environment. It’s every woman’s nightmare, a concern to every conscionable human being.What happens next to Rose is on the reader’s front burner? It’s a story line that wallops a punch. But again, does it translate into a page-turning thriller? There are vestiges of suspense, but in an overreach for detail “Runaway” slides, losing the elements of surprise and incredulity. Momentum wanes intermittently and atmosphere is wanting,Deion Sanders Cowboys Throwback Jersey, loosening its grip on readers. One scene of eroticism seems artificial, almost disjointed from its preceding tormentous setting. Character development too is hackneyed and begging for more.There is need for that greater atmospheric draw. There are flashes of brilliance, but just flashes. Regrettably, Ottey trumps literalism over other literary styles.Readers are quickly aware of Rosie’s dread and her husband’s psychotic rampages. Sure, even the most hardened of twisted machismo cultures will identify and sympathize with Rosie. And when her marauding, duplicitous and sociopathic husband becomes a victim of his own evil,Ray Bourque Bruins Throwback Jersey, there can be little or no sympathy. His inhumanity is revolting, not for the faint of heart.“Donovan slapped and thumped her non-stop….unleashing every ounce of stored up anger on her, not caring how hard he punched her or where the punches landed …one of Donovan’s punches landed on her left eye….for a split second tiny white lights flashed before her, then darkness.”And through it all is a little girl, their daughter, who,Kevin Mchale Celtics Throwback Jersey, with her mother makes a daring escape from Jamaica to escape Donovan’s terror.   At times “Runaway” is bereft of structured cadence as Ottey sprints through her paces when a stroll is better advised.But for all its shortcomings,Cam Neely Bruins Throwback Jersey, Ottey stirs the conscience with Rosie’s victimisation,Chicago Bears Throwback Jersey, and her laboured relations with her daughter, still yearning for her father. But there is always faith. Is Rosie’s waning religiosity the cause of her mired existence? Here,Bill Russell Celtics Throwback Jersey, faith is lionised, bringing solace, and may have well helped disentangle her from Donovan’s claws.In one scene, a crestfallen Rosie second-guesses God’s love. Maybe, it’s His way of re-engaging her to the Church.“Dear God, why have you forsaken me?” she bemoans, reminiscing on Grandmother’s counsel to fast, pray and repent.Cornered, her fate emerges. Her orison is heartfelt, moving.“Dear God…I know you never forget about me. My daughter and I are illegal in this country…You helped me get away from Donavan alive, but now I feel like a prisoner in a foreign country. Lord, I am in trouble. Help me, please.”“Runaway” eventually awakens from its near slumber. We are well aware that a showdown with Donovan is around the corner. Ottey’s undertaking is well timed. Women’s rights, the travails and ever-mounting challenges of the West Indian Diaspora, and the yearning for repatriation, are detailed in the chapter: “Miss my Yard.” It comprises multiple, passionate dialogues that will resonate with readers.In the nick of time Ottey comes alive, rescuing her work from self-destruction, from bouts of ennui and tepid, sappy displays of romance.With a combination of ironic turns and twists, she rekindles her readers’ thirst. How Rosie rids herself of Donovan and finally asserts her independence will keep you guessing. Would some cruel twist of faith open another chapter of woes? The curtain call dangles,Throwback Jerseys, providing that much-needed inoculation for a work that began preying on itself.Feedback:[email protected]Follow him on [email protected]Runaway Comeback by Sandra A. Ottey,Adam Joseph Duhe Dolphins Throwback Jersey, 2012PO Box 1297New York, NY 10276ISBN 978-0-9858260-0-0Available: Recommended
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…as rape climbs by 74 percentAs the latest round of police statistics show a whopping increase in the number of reported rapes, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum has opined that the police force’s sexual offences unit is fuelling the increase seen in rape reports.During a recent interview with this publication, Blanhum explained that mechanisms have been put in place by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to tackle the increase in rape reports. He said one of the mechanisms to deal with rape is the installation of sexual offences units in each division.According to Blanhum, these units are driving rape reports as persons feel more comfortable coming forward to the police. He said too that special care was taken to place female investigators within the units to interact with the victims and ensure that they feel comfortable.“From there,Richard Dent Bears Throwback Jersey, we do an investigation and based on the advice we receive, we prosecute,” the Crime Chief added.In regards to old rape cases – such as the gang rape of a Mahdia woman last year – Blanhum said that all investigations are active. “As long as we get the information,Kansas City Chiefs Throwback Jersey, we’ll proceed from there,” he said.Furthermore,Joe Montana Chiefs Throwback Jersey, while Blanhum noted that there were feelings of distrust towards the police amongst members of the community, he said that the GPF is working on removing such feelings. He said that a social crime prevention programme has been launched.“We are working with members of the community to build trust and those are initiatives that we’ll continue working on to grow from strength to strength,” he said.According to the GPF June statistics on crime, rape was listed as one of the serious crimes policed by the Force. Though for the months of January to May 2015 the police did not indicate the rape statistics,Arizona Cardinals Throwback Jersey, they finally did so in June. Their statistics showed an increase of 74 percent in the number of reports of rape when compared to 2014. At the end of June this year,Dale Murphy Braves Throwback Jersey, there were 207 reports compared to 119 for the same period last year.Police said,Miami Dolphins Throwback Jersey, too, that the majority of the reports came from Georgetown (A Division) and the East Coast (C Division).In the past,Glen Rice Hornets Throwback Jersey, women who took their stories of rape to the media complained that the police are inadequately prepared to handle rape reports. Victims had also expressed fear of non-prosecution due to their rapists having “links” in high places.These claims have been evident in the low rate of convictions for rape matters in the court. A few years ago, the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) released its study, “Without Conviction: Sexual Violence Cases in the Guyana Justice Process”.In the 60-page report,Daryl Johnston Cowboys Throwback Jersey, the GHRA showed that over the years 2000 to 2004,Pat Tillman Cardinals Throwback Jersey, the average conviction rate was 1.4 percent. This figure represented 9 convictions out of the 647 reports originally made to the police.Furthermore, in the first year of the study the conviction rate had been 0.9 percent (1:117). For the last year, the report showed that the conviction rate had dropped to 0.6 percent (1:154). Additionally, only three percent of the original complaints made it to trial.
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A son was yesterday remanded to jail after he reportedly attempted to end his father’s life. Thirty-nine-year-old Imo Fox,Larry Csonka Dolphins Throwback Jersey, of 73 Brickdam,Danny Ainge Celtics Throwback Jersey, Georgetown reportedly attempted to kill Cyril Fox. The charge said that at Brickdam the accused inflicted harm upon the senior Fox.From all indications the Fox family had secured the services of Attorney-at-law Mortimer Codett who later confirmed that he told Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton that he was appearing on behalf of the Fox family. The accused however fired the lawyer and said that he did not request the legal aid services.The man opted to represent himself after claiming that Codett representing him and the victim was a conflict of interest. The court ordered the lawyer to withdraw himself on request of the accused.Fox later addressed the court on the question of bail. He was not requested to plead to the indictable charge but requested bail in a reasonable sum. The man said that he is a wildlife exporter and a business operator. He also said that he resided at the same location as the victim but was willing to remove himself and take up residence on East Coast Demerara.The prosecution however requested that the defendant be remanded since the victim was still hospitalized. The police said that the victim was housed at the Intensive Care Unit of the Public hospital.It is alleged that the senior Fox received several stab wounds about the body and that his intestines were reportedly protruding. The younger Fox also showed the court lacerations on his wrist which required stitches.He indicated that there had been a misunderstanding between himself and his dad and injuries resulted from them clashing. He was denied bail. Fox will return to court on July 24.
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They waited five months to confirm the fate of their beloved one and when confirmation finally came yesterday,Nyozi Goodmanthe relatives of school teacher Nyozi Goodman could hardly accept that she was dead.Police yesterday announced that the results of DNA tests conducted on the remains of a female found at Turkeyen on July 24 last, have confirmed that it belonged to the missing St. Stanislaus teacher, who disappeared on July 6 after leaving the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, where she had accompanied students on a sports assignment.“The results of the DNA testing conducted by the Forensic Science Centre of Trinidad on the samples taken from the body that was recovered at Turkeyen, ECD, on July 24, 2014,Dennis Smith Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey, have confirmed the body to be that of teacher Nyozi Goodman,Dan Marino Dolphins Throwback Jersey, of William Street, Kitty,” the police said in a statement.But the results might mean nothing now,Shaquille O Neal Cavaliers Throwback Jersey, since according to the police, the prime suspect   in her death, Royston Waldrond was killed a few weeks ago in a confrontation with the lawmen.Carol Green,Terrell Davis Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey, the dead teacher’s mother, is still in shock, not wanting to accept the reality.She was waiting for months on the results and when it was finally relayed to her by Crime Chief Leslie James, she could not control her emotions.“I did not want to believe that it was her. I was hoping that she is still out there,” she said.According to Green,Shannon Sharpe Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey, she was disappointed with the way she found out about the results.She said that she did not want to be told the results of the DNA test via telephone, since she had asked the Crime Chief to invite her to his office and break the news gently to her.“I used to say that I will not cry when the results come back, but I screamed. He (Crime Chief) called me about 11 o’clock and he was reading from a document. I started screaming, I was at work. You see, I am not too well. I could’a get a heart attack,” Green lamented.“My son always used to tell me that I will doubt the DNA results and it is true,Dick Butkus Bears Throwback Jersey,” she added.Speaking about the man who police say was responsible for her daughter’s death; Green stated that she is not too sure what to think.“Let’s say he was not the person, then that means that the real killer is still out there. Now that they get back the DNA, for them the case is closed,” Green said.The woman stated that although she knew that the return of the results was inevitable, she was not prepared for it at this time.“I ain’t really got no Christmas spirit. I just going through the motion,” Green said, adding that her daughter would have been visiting her in Linden at the close of school for the Christmas season.For now, the family is making plans to bury the remains which had been lying at the Lyken Funeral Home for the past four and a half months.Meanwhile,Packers Throwback Jersey, police said they have obtained funding to send another set of body samples for DNA testing at the same facility.The police stated that the same rank who brought back the results of the Goodman tests,Brian Urlacher Bears Throwback Jersey, had taken the samples of remains believed to be that of missing businessman Mohamed F Khan.The remains of the body suspected to be that of Khan with the head severed,Throwback Jerseys, were found at Graham’s Hall, East Coast Demerara on September 22 last.
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