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East Bank Demerara
« on: May 19, 2017, 03:14:51 pm »
Forty-six-year-old Moonaf Khan’s body was fished out of the Demerara River at Little Diamond, East Bank Demerara, yesterday morning around 07:20hrs. Residents in the area had spotted the body near the Little Diamond koker.Reports are that the man, who resides at 91 Little Diamond, East Bank Demerara, was last seen on Thursday morning by his brother who lived next door.Khan was a well-known alcoholic who grew up in the village. He was unemployed. However, he would do “little jobs” to earn a small income which would mostly be spent on the purchase of alcohol.Kaieteur News was told that Khan would frequent his sister’s home for food or even clothing and sometimes neighbours would offer him meals. Khan and his wife separated years ago. He is survived by three children.His brother said that he had last seen Khan while he (Khan’s brother) was leaving his home to go to work.Khan’s sister, Bibi Khan, stated that around 07:30hrs she received a telephone call from a neighbour who told her that her brother had died. The neighbour did not give any details. Bibi said that she went to the scene where her brother’s body lay.Kaieteur News understands that when Bibi arrived at the location, her brother’s body was slumped face downwards against a block of wood, next to the koker. He was clad in a black T-shirt and red boxer shorts.She explained that the last time she saw her now dead brother was on Sunday. She described him as an epileptic.

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East Bank Demerara
« on: May 19, 2017, 03:14:51 pm »